Power and Water provides water and sewerage services across the Northern Territory, an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres.

The information below aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about water bills and payment options. If you would like any additional information, call our Customer Service Centre on 1800 245 092.

This diagram will help you understand your Power and Water invoice. For information about the cost of our services please go to our pricing and tariffs page.

If our meter reader was unable to access your property to obtain a water meter reading, a card would have been left asking you to provide a reading to us within next 48 hours. You can do this through any of our contact channels or submit a reading online here or on our mobile app.

If we don't receive a meter reading from you, we will estimate your reading based on past usage for your next bill.

Learn more about estimated meter readings

Submit a meter reading online

This is a government gazetted charge which is applied due to the fact that sewerage pipes run past the property.

Power and Water charge a fixed annual sewerage charge (billed quarterly) that applies to residential properties and vacant blocks where there is infrastructure available to the land. It applies whether the service is connected or not and regardless of the number of sanitary fittings in each residence.

It is important to contact us to discuss payment options to avoid disconnection if you can't pay by the due date.

Your Power and Water bills can be paid off in instalments once you enter into an arrangement to make payments if certain criteria is met.

To discuss this, contact our Customer Service Centre through any of our contact channels.

Through our Stay Connected program, we aim to assist our residential customers in times of hardship and support you to resume regular payment for services. Learn more about the Stay Connected program.

You can request your bill to be reprinted. You can do this through any of our contact channels.

In order to help us do this, please have your meter number and/or customer identification number, which you can find on a previous bill. If you do not have these details, we may be able to track down your account from your address, name and date of birth.

Most water meters are read every three months if you are a residential customer, and monthly if you are a commercial customer. Find out more about your power meter or water meter.

We administer Pensioner and Carer concessions for electricity, water and sewerage services on behalf of Territory Families.

See our seniors and concessions page for more information.

You can receive and pay your bills online via your mobile, tablet or computer. You can even set up payment reminders and schedule future payments so you’ll never miss one.

See our paperless billing page for more information or go to BPAY View.

Your water account is in the name of the land title owner.

In the event of a change in ownership, the Land Titles Office will contact us to advise of the updates. If you wish to have someone else handle your accounts, such as a real estate agent, you can authorise them and update your account mailing address to have the bills sent to them directly.

Water and sewerage charges are the responsibility of the landowner and are be transferred with the title of the land. Under Northern Territory legislation, Power and Water charge the landowner for all water and sewerage charges including a fixed daily charge.

There are many reasons your bill may be higher than expected. To help you figure out why, here are some things to consider and check:

  • Consider the weather conditions as this often affects how much water we use. Has it been hotter and drier (dry season to wet season) than the last billing period?
  • Compare your bill against the same period last year, for example January to April 2019 against January to April 2018. Comparing the same period each year will give you a more accurate comparison.
  • Are you spending more or less time at home compared with the same billing period last year?
  • Check the number of days in the billing period as they can vary and affect the comparison.
  • Does your bill show an amount in arrears? Sometimes you might pay an outstanding amount after we've issued your latest statement.
  • Have you checked the current read on the meter to compare it to what was billed?
  • Have you checked your household pipes and irrigation for leaks?
  • Have you topped up your swimming pool more frequently during the billing period?
  • Have you recently installed an evaporative cooler, or is your existing one faulty?
  • Was your last bill estimated? This bill may be a catch up of the consumption used from the previous period.

You can contact our Customer Service Centre to discuss a water bill that is higher than usual.

We've also put together some simple steps to save water and money.

Payment options

We offer multiple payment options, so there's sure to be one that suits your needs.

Pay securely online by credit card or call Phone Direct on 1800 644 849 and use the interactive voice response system.

Both services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The maximum credit limit for online payment is $5000.

Pay online

You can print the form, complete and scan it and return it to us by emailing it to customerservice@powerwater.com.au. You can also post it to us at GPO Box 3596, Darwin NT 0801.

Set up a direct debit online

With BPAY, you can pay your bills directly from your bank account on the internet. Use the biller code 7526 and your 17 digit customer reference number to pay Power and Water bills.

If you’re not already set up for telephone or internet banking, please contact your bank. They’ll issue you with a password enabling you to access your accounts securely and use the free BPAY service.

Once registered with your bank, you simply indicate you wish to pay a bill, quote biller code 7526 and your 17 digit customer reference number (which you'll find on your Power and Water bill in the bottom right corner).

Find out more about Power and Water’s paperless billing service here. Or go to BPAY to learn how to pay your bill using this service.

Tear off the payment slip and return it together with your cheque to:

GPO Box 3596
Darwin NT 0801

Find your local post office here.

Pay your bill in person at Australia Post. They accept a variety of payment methods including BasicsCard.

Northern Territory Government employees can arrange payroll deductions to pay their Power and Water account. Supply your Power and Water customer ID number (top right of the bill) to your pay section and advise the amount you would like deducted fortnightly.

To cancel or change amounts of payments, you will need to contact payroll directly.

Automatically transfer funds from your Centrelink allowance to pay your bill. Nominate a deduction amount per fortnight and contact Centrelink to pay this amount directly to us.

Find more information about this payment option at Centrepay.