Stay Solar Safe this Storm Season

If you have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at your house, there’s things you need to know and do to keep yourself, your family and the community safe this storm season.

While grid-connected solar PV systems cannot supply power to your home when the network is not operational, they can still generate power that goes back to the network where we have emergency crews doing repairs.

So if you have rooftop solar panels, you need to shut down the system prior to severe storms and other extreme weather events.

Electricity and water do not mix so be sure to turn off solar PV systems when there’s a risk of flooding. Even if we have disconnected power before the flood, solar PV systems do not require mains power to generate a DC supply, so we treat all solar panels and cables as live.

And just because the storm has passed doesn’t mean you can stop being solar safe.

Do not attempt to reconnect solar PV systems after storms or roof damage as your roof may be electrified. Be sure to get a licensed electrical contractor to first certify the installation is safe.

Have a safe and happy festive season from everyone at Power and Water.