Solar PV system safety

Any damage to a solar PV system can create a life threatening electrical hazard. Solar PV systems can be damaged from flying debris, damage to the roof, inundation by rain or floodwater, or residual moisture after a severe weather event.

Before severe weather

If severe weather is forecast, you should consider shutting down your solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Please follow the instructions and procedures provided by your installer or solar manufacturer, and contact them for all questions and queries regarding your solar PV system.

During and after severe weather

If a solar PV system has been damaged, or you are concerned it may have been, you should treat it as live, dangerous, and stay away. Turn off the solar PV system from the electricity mains, only if it safe to do so. Do not try to operate or touch the solar PV system.

A solar PV system can continue to produce power even if the mains electricity has been turned off, and it can cause a deadly electric shock.

Critical assessment before reconnection

A Northern Territory licenced electrical contractor or installer must assess the solar PV system for damage, prior to reconnection.