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Power and Water offer more services and transactions on your mobile or at your desk, to help make your life easier.

Whether it's managing your payments and account details, carrying out works, or letting us know about outages and faults, our online services are helping you engage with us 24/7.

Are you a developer or contractor?

Power and Water's developers subsite is your home for all the technical documents, guidelines and standard drawings needed to undertake land development or working with the Northern Territory's water and electricity networks and infrastructure.

Visit the developers site

Customer service forms

My accounts and billing

Paying online is a fast and easy way for you to pay your bill.

Pay your bill online

Report power or water meter readings, or both.

Submit a meter read form

Request a payment extension and give yourself a little more time to pay. All you need is a copy of your bill to apply.

Apply for a payment extension form

Take the hassle out of paying your bills by setting up a direct debit and be ahead before your next bill.

Direct debit request form

Direct debit request form | 468 KB PDF

Update your contact details and postal address.

Update your contact details or change your postal address form

To work out consumption costs or usage for your power or water use over any period, use our calculator by entering your meter readings.  Whether or not we are your retailer, we help you calculate approximate costs using current tariffs.

Estimate your usage calculator

Property services

For a customer to continue their power supply during a planned or unplanned interruption.

Application for installation of standby generator form

Application for installation of standby generator form | 47.5 KB PDF

Apply to convert from a credit meter to a prepayment meter.

Apply for prepayment meter form

Complete this application to receive approved access to one of our water filling stations.

Water filling station swipe card application form

Water filling station swipe card application form | 61.6 KB PDF

Building and renovating

Complete this form if you have newly-built home and require a new 20mm water meter to be installed.

New water meter application form

New water meter application form | 48.3 KB PDF

For the installation of insulated covers on overhead wires.

Install insulated covers form

Install insulated covers form | 67.9 KB PDF

This form is for the purpose of requesting Power and Water infrastructure locations after a Dial Before You Dig request has been completed.

Dial before you dig location request form

For customers wanting the service line and/or power or water meters on their property permanently removed.

Permanent removal of services and/or meters form

Permanent removal of services and/or meters form | 246 KB PDF

For customers in remote communities wanting to draw water with or without a meter.

Request to draw water form

Request to draw water form | 37.8 KB PDF

Engaging with us

Faults, outages and issues

To help ensure community safety, you can report damage or issues with our network via this form.

Report a fault online form

As a result of factors combining both natural causes and human population, residents in some locations may occasionally experience unusual or unpleasant smells in the air. If you suspect this may be related to Power and Water facilities or infrastructure, please let us know.

This will help us to ensure that there are no problems affecting our services or the environment and to minimise the inconvenience to our customers as best we can.

Odour reporting form

If you believe you have suffered loss or damage as a result of a Power and Water fault or incident, you may be eligible to lodge a compensation claim to cover these costs.

The simplest way to lodge a claim in through our online form here, or you can print, complete and submit a claim form in a number of other ways.

Compensation claim form

Compensation claim form | 52.4 KB PDF

It is our promise to eligible customers* that we will meet the guaranteed service levels (GSL) for electricity supply set out in the Utilities Commission's Guaranteed Service Level Code. Performance outside these standards will trigger a payment credit to the customer. If you believe you may be eligible for a GSL credit that you have not received automatically, use this form to submit a request.

Request a Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) review form

We manage streetlights on major roads owned by the Northern Territory Government as well as in select local government jurisdictions such as Alice Springs, Victoria/Daly, Roper Gulf, West Arnhem and Barkly regions. In these areas, you can report streetlight fault using the form below:

To report streetlight faults outside of the above areas , please contact the relevant council:

Report a faulty streetlight online form

Customer and community

Got a question? Want to share a compliment? An idea or suggestion of how we could serve you better? Get in touch about anything online through our customer contact form.

Customer enquiry or feedback form

When things don't go to plan, or you're not happy with our response on an issue, let us work with you to find a solution through our complaints and resolutions page.

Complaints and resolutions

If you have a smartphone, download the free Power and Water Corporation app from the  App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play for (Android users). Keep up-to-date about planned and unplanned interruptions, report power faults, water leaks and damage, submit electricity and water meter readings, and much more.

Download the Power and Water app on the App Store

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