If you’re a Power and Water residential customer on single phase power and you have easy access to your meter box, you might like to install a prepayment meter. These pay-as-you-use meters can make budgeting so much easier.

With prepayment meters there are no power bills, instead, you have the option of buying as much or as little electricity as you need.

While there’s an installation fee for a new prepayment meter, you may find the long-term savings outweigh this one-off cost.

Our four prepayment metering systems

Secure Liberty 120 electronic model

Remote prepayment meter

EDMI Mk7C Atlas

Remote e-token smart prepayment meter

Ampy wide and narrow mouth meters

Remote prepayment meter

Secure Liberty 120 electronic model

Urban e-token prepayment meter

Urban e-token prepayment meter - What you need to know

This meter is a Secure Liberty 120 electronic meter. It is able to be programmed as either a prepayment meter, where you purchase credit in advance as you need it, or as an account meter, where your retailer will send you an invoice for the power you have used.

Keypad view showing the A button in the bottom left, and the B button in the bottom right

On the keypad you will see an A and B button in the bottom corners.

  • Press button "B" to display your current available balance. It will also display 'CREDIT' or 'PAYG'
    • PAYG indicates the meter is set up as a pre-paid service
    • CREDIT  indicates the meter is set up as an account service
  • Press button "1" to display usage - current and previous day's  usage in $ and KWh
  • Press button "4" to display history - historical monthly usage data in KWh
  • Press button "6" to display tariff - tariff name and rates - contact your retailer
  • Press buttons "A" and "B" if you have spoken to your retailer and need to connect the meter, either after disconnection or when you first move in.  The display shows "ready" for the power to be connected.

Who you need to contact for meter related queries will depend on the information needed or the issue to be reported.

Contact your retailer:

  • to learn how and where to purchase more credit for the meter
  • to learn what to do if you have old electricity tokens
  • if you are having problems applying credit to the meter and/or your recharge card
  • if you have purchased credit and it is not displaying on the meter
  • what you need to do when you are moving house
  • if you are moving into a new property and want to have a prepayment electricity meter installed
  • for information about electricity concessions.

Contact Power and Water on 1800 245 092 or 1800 245 090:

  • if the meter doesn’t appear to be working
  • if the meter looks damaged.

You can check your balance by pressing the "B" button.

If you require further information regarding setting-up or connecting the meter, including where to purchase and how to apply credit to the meter, please contact your retailer.

Power and Water are also available to help guide you with your questions and can be contacted on 1800 245 092.

To learn how and where to purchase more credit for the meter, contact your retailer.

Remote e-token smart prepayment meter - What you need to know

E-token meters don’t use a power card. Instead, you use the 3G network to send credit straight to the meter. It works a bit like a prepaid mobile phone. Customers buy credit from a retailer who sends the electricity credit directly to the meter. E-token meters are only available in selected areas.

Power credit can be purchased from your local store. The store will add credit to the meter using the Telstra 3G network. Power cards are not needed. View our list of community stores.

To buy credit, you will need to tell the store your Power and Water meter ID number, and the credit will go straight to the meter.You will be given your Power and Water ID number when the new meter is installed.

When the store is closed power can be purchased over the phone between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, if you have a debit card with Visa or Mastercard, by calling Power and Water on 1800 245 092.

Remember, you need the meter ID number.

Your power will not be disconnected over the weekend or public holidays.

If you have credit and use it over the weekend, the meter will stay connected, and it will go into debit.

If the meter goes into debit, the power will turn off on the first working day after a weekend or public holiday. You will need to pay the debit amount and add credit to put the power back on.

Please check your credit prior to a public holiday or weekend to ensure you have enough credit for the holiday period.

Power will be available overnight if you have any amount of credit (or emergency credit). The system has a non-disconnect period during which time meters cannot be disconnected if the balance drops below -$8. The non-disconnect period is from:

  • 2pm to 10am during weekdays
  • 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday for some sites*
  • 24 hours on public holidays for some sites*

If you have no credit and are already disconnected, you will stay disconnected until you add credit and press the connect button.

If you are in debit, the power will turn off the next morning. You will then need to pay the debit amount and add credit to put the power back on.

*note: To check if this will affect your community, you can phone us on 1800 245 092.

You will be able to see how much credit is left on the meter by checking the screen.

Credit is shown as Cred next to the amount (e.g. CRED $8.00)

Debit is shown by a - (e.g. -$8) on the far left of the meter screen.

View the meter to see:

  • credit remaining on the meter
  • availability of an emergency $8 credit
  • meter ID number
  • total credit received.

Ampy prepayment meters - What you need to know

This is a wide mouth ampy prepayment meter. Power is credited to the meter by a single-use card token. The current wide mouth ampy prepayment meters are no longer being manufactured so replacing them with new meters of the same make is no longer possible.

Power is credited to the meter by a single-use token, available for purchase across the Territory. The token is a magnetic strip card that comes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50. The card is fed into a slot on the front of the meter and the value of the card is credited to the meter. The meter can hold credit of up to $990.

View our list of community stores

  1. Insert the token with the printed side up and the arrows pointing toward the meter.
  2. The meter will grab the token when it’s read correctly and put three pin holes near one corner to show the token has been used.
  3. Firmly hold the token and pull to remove it from the meter.

The wide mouth ampy meter screen provides the following information:

  • credit remaining on the meter
  • rate per unit charged for power
  • availability of an emergency $8 credit
  • total credit inserted
  • error message if the credit isn’t transferred from the card.

  • Store your unused tokens in a cool, dry area.
  • Do not use a token if it is damp.  A damp token will buckle when inserted into the meter and will not be read correctly.
  • Shade the meter when inserting tokens.
  • The meter will not turn off between 5pm to 8am even if the credit and emergency credit runs out.
  • If the meter has used emergency credit (that is, the emergency credit button has been pressed after the normal credit has been used), when you put a new token in it will automatically repay the emergency credit before any normal credit is added. For example, if the display shows $4.00E, adding a $5.00 token will only give you $1.00 credit after repaying the used emergency credit.
  • We’ll still need access to your property to read the meter every quarter.
  • The electricity tariff is adjusted each year on the meter.

Pricing and tariffs

Pay-as-you-use meters have a slightly higher tariff than the current domestic credit meter per kilowatt hour. But, with these meters, there’s no daily fixed charge. If you decide to change back to a domestic single phase credit meter later, a fee will apply. Written permission is required from your landlord if you are renting.

View pricing and tariffs

Where to buy tokens in your region

ALPA - Ajurumu Store Warruwi
ALPA - Alawa Community Store Minyerri
ALPA – Galiwinku Store Galiwinku
ALPA - Gapuwiyak Gapuwiyak
ALPA – Gunbalanya Store Gunbalanya
ALPA - Millingimbi Millingimbi
ALPA - Minjilang Store Minjilang
ALPA -  Numburindi Trust Numbulwar
ALPA - Pirlangimpi Store Pirlangimpi
ALPA - Ramingining Ramingining
Belyuen Community Store Belyuen
Bawinanga Ab Corp (Barlmarrk Store) Maningrida
Feng Shui P/L (Maningrida)
Belyuen Community Store Belyuen
Daly River Roadside Inn Nauiyu
Nauiyu Nambiyi Community Store
Dannah P/L T/A Batchelor General Store Batchelor
East Arnhem (Yirrkala Store) Yirrkala
Elcho Group P/L – Takarrina Tucker Box Galiwinku
Gumatj Air Land & Sea T/A Gopu Store Ski Beach
Gunbalanya Air Charters & Service Station Gunbalanya
Gunbalanya Sports & Social Club
Humpty Doo Post Office 340 Arnhem Highway, Humpty Doo
Marthakal Homeland Resource Centre Milingimbi
Milikapiti Progress Assoc Milikapiti
Milikapiti Sports & Social Club
Murrinhpatha Nimmipa Store (Port Keats) Wadeye
MiPatha Takeaway
Samjin Agriculture & Food Ent
Thamarrurr CGC
New Town General Store & Takeaway Numbulwar
Nhulunbuy Bush Shed (Diamond Lightening) Nhulunbuy
Nhulunbuy Petroleum P/L
Outback Stores (Piliyaminyirra Supermarket) Nguiu
Tai’s Asian Food (Nguiu)
Nguiu Store (Ullintjinni Assoc)
Peppimenarti Store Peppimenarti
Wagait Beach Supermarket Wagait Beach

ALPA - Alawa Community StoreMinyerri
ALPA – Kalkaringi Service StnKalkarindji
ALPA - Ngangmarriyanga StorePalumpa
ALPA – Robinson River (Mungoorbada)Robinson River
BP Roadhouse6 Katherine Terrace, Katherine
Bagala StoreBarunga
Binjari StoreKatherine
Boab Caravan Park42 Victoria Hwy, Katherine South
Janyima StoreBulla Camp
L Jones & K Cleary (Florina store)Florina Road, Katherine
Lazy LizardKatherine
Lajamanu Progress AssociationLajamanu 
Mainoru Safari LodgeMainoru 
Mataranka RoadhouseMataranka
Mataranka Store & Service StationMataranka 
Maningrida Progess AssociationManingrida 
Nitmiluk Tours P/LGorge Camp
Outback Stores - Gulin Gulin Community StoreBulman/Weemol
Outback Stores (Jilkminggan)Jilkminggan
Outback Stores (Ngukurr)Ngukurr
Outback Stores (Nitjupurri Ab Corp) Pigeon holePigeon Hole
Outback Stores (Manyallaluk Store)Manyallaluk
Outback Stores (Wuduluk Store)Beswick
Outback Stores (Yarralin)Yarralin
Puma Bicentennial Rd85 Bicentennial Rd, Katherine
Quinn TradingMinyerri
Riverbank Store (Nauiyu Nambiyu)Nauiyu
Top News (Stephenson & Barry Inv)Katherine Terrace
Travel North (BP Service Stn)Katherine Terrace
United Pine CreekPine Creek
Urapunga StoreUrapunga 
Vic River P/L T/A Fogarty’s StoreTimber Creek
Wirib Tourism Park

Mobil Lone Star Service StationTennant Creek
Murray Downs StationAli Curung 
Mirnirri StoreAli Curung Community
Aherrenge StoreAMPILATWATJA/Ammaroo Community
Ammaroo StoreAMPILATWATJA/Ammaroo Community
Lone Star Service StationTennant Creek
Neutral Junction StationBarrow Creek
Barrow Creek Hotel
Canteen Creek StoreCanteen Creek Community
Epenarra StoreEpenarra/Wetenngerr Community
Epenarra Station
Kurundi StationKurundi South of Tennant Creek

Alice Springs 24 HourAlice Springs
Amoonguna StoreAmoonguna Community
Areyonga StoreAreyonga Community
Engawala StoreEngawala Community
Aputula StoreFinke Community
Caltex LarapintaAlice Springs
Kanparrka StoreHaasts Bluff
Larapinta IGAAlice Springs
Atitjere Homelands StoreHarts Range
Red Gum Store
Finke River Mission Hermannsburg StoreHermannsburg/Ntaria Community
Ntaria Supermarket
Imanpa StoreImanpa Community
Kulgera Trading CompanyKulgera
Hale River Cattle StationLaramba Community
Laramba Store
Napperby Store
Northside IGAAlice Springs
Maryvale StoreMaryvale
Alpirakina StoreMt Alan/Yuelamu Community
Mt Liebig StoreMt Liebig Community
Nyirripi StoreNyirripi Community
Papunya StorePapunya Community
PigglysAlice Springs
Santa Teresa StoreSanta Teresa Community
Ti Tree StoreTi Tree Community
Titjikala StoreTitjikala Community
Arlparra StoreUtopia Community
River Gum Store
Wallace Rockhole Tourist ParkWallace Rockhole
Wirliyajarrayi StoreWillowra Community
Wycliffe Well Holiday ParkWycliffe Well
Yuendumu StoreYuendumu Community
Yuendumu Big Store
Yuendumu Mining Company
Tilmouth WellAnmatjere
Stirling StationWilora

Applying for a prepayment meter

Remote customers can apply for a prepayment meter with us.

We’ll contact you to arrange payment and installation of the new meter.

Meters are currently available for all remote customers with a single phase electricity service. You must have ready access to your meter box. If you’re renting, you also need written permission from your landlord.

For more information or help with the meter, please contact us.

Urban residential and commercial customers can arrange installation of a prepayment meter and payment through their electricity retailer.