Avoid an estimated bill by sending us your meter read.

If we have left a meter read card in your mailbox asking you to supply your meter read within 48 hours of receiving the notice, please continue with the form below.

If you are having problems locating or reading your meters please use our handy guides to understanding your water meter and understanding your power meter.

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Sending your most recent power or water meter reads

All people living in the NT regardless of who your retailer is

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Please report your meter read(s) within 2 business days
03/23 PV Solar
04/10 Time of use/on-peak off-peak
04/10/23 Combination

Standard: The meter will display the dials that indicate the total number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used. To determine your correct meter reading, simply read the dials in order from left to right.

03/23 PV Solar: The meter will display customer usage in kilowatt-hours(kWh). Import from grid (register 03, electricity you have used from the grid) and export to grid (register 23, electricity you have generated back into the grid). The meter will automatically cycle through).

04/10 Time of use/on-peak off-peak: The meter will display customer usage on-peak (register 04) and off-peak (register 10) in total kilowatt-hours (kWh). Press the 'select' button to scroll and view readings for each.

04/10/23 Combination: The meter displays usage in the combination on-peak off-peak (register 04 and 10) and buyback register or feed-in tariff (register 23).

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