The below payment extension form is the simplest way to request this payment extension. This form is to be used by customers who need a payment extension on a bill.

Please note that having a copy of your bill will help you complete this form.

This form is for:

People needing a payment extension on a bill

The account holder only

Don't use this form if you have been disconnected for non payment

Don't use this form if Power and Water are not your retailer

Customer contact details
This will be a number between 5 and 9 digits long, usually beginning with 0
Please enter a phone number that we can contact you on
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Extension request
This may vary if there are more than one person listed on the account
Please enter the full address of the property you are requesting the payment extension for
Consider the time you think you will need to make a payment.
Consider how much you think you’ll be able to pay at the payment date
Stay Connected (Hardship) Program

Power and Water Corporation recognises that some customers may at times have difficulty paying for services. With this program, we aim to assist domestic customers in times of hardship and provide them with support to resume regular payment for services. Call us and speak to our Credit Management Team to find out if you’re eligible to become a Stay Connected customer. For more information read our Stay Connected (Hardship) policy and fact sheet.

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