Power and Water is responsible for planning, building and maintaining reliable electricity networks to transport electricity between electricity generators and electricity customers in the Northern Territory.

The following diagram illustrates the different distribution services provided by Power and Water’s Power Services.

Power and Water allocates its costs for these services according to its approved Cost Allocation Method for Distribution Services PDF, 498.35 KB .

Standard control services

Standard control services are central to electricity supply and therefore relied on by all customers connected to the network. This includes those customers requiring services such as building and maintaining infrastructure connected to the distribution network. Most distribution services are classified as standard control services.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) regulates these services by approving the prices and tariffs, as well as the overall cap on the amount of revenue that may be recovered from customers for providing these standard control services. The costs associated with these services are shared by all customers via their regular electricity bill.

Alternative control services

Alternative control services are customer specific or one-off customer requested services. The AER sets service specific price and hourly rates used for the quoted services - to provide a reasonable opportunity to enable the distributor to recover the efficient cost of each service for those customers using that specific service.

Negotiated services

There are no negotiated services in the Northern Territory. The AER has no role in regulating the unclassified services that Power and Water provide.

2024-29 Distribution Determination

As the economic regulator, the Australian Energy Regulator sets the maximum amount of revenue Power and Water can recover from the provision of standard control services over a five-year regulatory period. It also sets the prices or quoting approach for alternative control services.

On 30 April 2024, the AER released its final decision on Power and Water’s electricity distribution determination for the 2024-29 regulatory control period  .

In its final decision, the AER also approved Power and Water’s 2024-29 Tariff Structure Statement (as proposed 30 November 2023) for this regulatory control period.

Annual Networks Tariffs

2024-25 Networks Tariffs

In accordance with the AER’s 2024-29 Distribution Determination, Power and Water submitted its 2024-25 Network Pricing Proposal PDF, 1623.42 KB to the AER for approval.

On 21 May 2024, the AER approved our proposed 2024-25 network tariffs and charges. These new rates apply from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025.

Standard Control Services

Power and Water is responsible for delivering energy from the power generators to customers’ homes and businesses in the Northern Territory. Our Standard Control Service tariffs, approved by an independent regulator, recover the costs of building and maintaining the poles and wires, and the support staff needed to keep the energy network operating.

Power and Water charges Standard Control Service tariffs directly to electricity retailers. Depending on a customer’s consumption and metering, the Standard Control Service tariffs are made up of energy charges, demand charges, and system access charges.

Standard Control Services

Alternative Control Services – Metering

Power and Water is responsible for providing electricity metering services to customers in the Northern Territory, including providing, installing, maintaining and reading the meters. The Alternative Control Service Metering charges recover the cost of providing these services and are charged directly to electricity retailers.

The Alternative Control Service Metering charges, approved by the AER as part of our annual pricing proposal, are categorised according to the meter type installed at the premise.

Alternative Control Services - Metering charges

Alternative Control Services – Ancillary (fee based and quoted services)

Alternative Control Services - Ancillary are services provided to specific customers or retailers at their request. The customer or retailer who requests the service is charged directly.

The Alternative Control Services, approved by the AER as part of our annual pricing proposal, are classified as either fee based services or quoted services.

Fee based services are services which are provided based on a set schedule of charges. Quoted services are services provided where the nature and scope of the work cannot be known in advance, and the cost of quoted services will vary on the time taken and any additional costs incurred to complete the requested service.

Alternative Control Services - Ancillary