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Water and sewer development fees and charges Power development fees and charges

The information on development fees for services below is to be used as a guide only.

You can get quotes for fees for developments. You can also get a full explanation of water and sewerage systems extension policy (WASSEP) from our Water Services team. They can also explain how the policy applies to developments. They can do this for subdivisions. Please note: WASSEP fees do not apply for projects in remote communities.

When planning a development or project, you will connect to a power network. There may be fees or charges. This may include fees for alternative control services for network users. It may also include network capital contributions.

Water and sewer development fees and charges

For more on these water development fees and charges, please contact us.


Water meter upgrade (based on domestic flows only – fire flows are currently exempt from development fees).

Upgrade requiredCharge
From 20mm to 25mm
From 20/25mm to 40mm
From 40mm to 50mm
From 20/25mm to 50mm
Demand requires >50mm
determined by flows

Sewerage WASSEP

Sewage loading charge (Power and Water grants a $750.00 free threshold on new residential developments and discount for existing loadings).

Residential 1 b/r dwelling $750.00
2 b/r dwelling $1,000.00
3 b/r dwelling $1,300.00
Commercial building/office up to 35 employees $1,095.00
Shopping centre up to 1500 patrons/day $577.50
Restaurants/cafes/bars up to 150 patrons $922.50
Caravan park per site $375.00
Hostel per resident $150.00
Sporting venues up to 30 participants $1,312.50
up to 325 spectators $806.25
Health care centres/surgeries up to 32 patients/day $693.75
Hospitals per bed $1,237.50
Schools up to 25 employees $450.00
up to 40 students $487.50
Childcare centres up to 30 children $787.50
Ablution block up to 10 toilets $487.50
Light density industry/workshops up to 10 employees $112.50
Medium density industry/workshops up to 30 employees $375.00
High density industry/workshops up to 90 employees $1,125.00

¹ A single development may have a number of the above charges applied, eg the WASSEP charges applicable to a 10 unit shopping centre may include charges for ‘Shopping centre, 10 X commercial building/office and any classification specific charges applicable, ie restaurant charge.

Connections and disconnections

Water connections and disconnections

=<25mm $140
25mm> <=50mm $175
50mm> <=100mm4 $275
100mm> <=150mm4 $300
150mm> <=225mm4 $350
>225mm Variable6

Sewerage connections and disconnections

Straight hook-up (150 to 225mm)5 $300
Manhole (core drill + provision of stub) Variable6
Cut in new junction Variable6

3 Maximum 4 hours work, additional fees apply for work beyond 4 hours.
4 Additional $220 fee applies for all connections in non-residential areas to allow for shut-down out of business hours.
5 Hookups > 225mm – Power and Water to provide quote.
6 Power and Water to provide quote.

Water meter installations

Helix meterCharge Combination meterCharge
<=50mm $489 80/20mm $1,352
51 to 80mm $546 100/20mm $1,728
81 to 100mm $705 150/32mm $3,346
101 to 150mm $1,020 Meter application (20/25mm) $55
   (40mm+) $110

Hydrant installations

Hydrant installationCharge
100mm $1,460
150mm $1,560
225mm $1,664

Power development fees and charges

When planning a development or project that involves connecting with or using any power network infrastructure,  fees or charges may apply. This may include alternative control service charges for network users, and/or network capital contributions.

Network capital contributions policy

Capital contributions are payments that may be required for new or upgraded connections to Power and Water’s electricity network. The purpose of these contributions is to ensure that costs for a customer’s new or upgraded connection are paid for by that customer and not shared by everyone connected to the network.

For more information please email For more information please email

Alternative control services charges

Alternative control services are services that Power and Water undertakes for a network user that are not part of the standard service that we provide, and are not subject to effective competition.  Alternative control services are either provided based on a schedule of charges or a quoted basis where the nature and scope of the service isn’t known in advance. Power and Water provides these services to network users on fair and reasonable terms.

Learn about alternative control service charges and electricity network regulation and pricing  

Remote developments

The fees and charges that may apply to development and building activities in remote communities will generally follow the same guidelines as for urban water, sewerage, and power developments detailed above.  Contact our Remote Development team for more information.