Water is a precious resource.

Water has shaped the unique landscape and the culture of the Northern Territory for over 60,000 years and is just as important today. We need your help to value the water coming out of your taps just as much as we do our beautiful natural rivers and waterholes.

Our That's My Water! 2024 schools program registrations are now open.  
Limited opportunity! Participating schools will be chosen based on the registration process.

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That's My Water! is a special and very important learning experience to help you learn about your water here in the Territory. We will take students,  parents and teachers along a journey to learn about where our water comes from and how important it is to save water.

In remote communities, preserving water helps allow people to continue to live on country and in the major centres, it’s important we all start to value tap water more.

This program will give you the opportunity to learn from Aboriginal elders and Power and Water experts.

Watch my videos!

In these videos, Baker Boy, who grew up in Maningrida and Millingimbi, inspires students to learn about where their
water comes from and about Aboriginal peoples’ cultural connection to water. He also encourages students
to think about their role in their communities and
achievable social actions to look after their water.

Watch the videos

That's My Water! NT Student Storybook

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Develop your  personal water storybook and explore how water has shaped traditional culture in your area, the supply and treatment of water and how your behaviour can impact water sustainability.

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That's My Water! NT Teacher, Parent or Helper Guide

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This complementary guide to the That's My Water! NT Student Storybook will help you advise your child as they begin their water journey and explore how water has shaped traditional culture in your area.

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