Power and Water works hard to ensure a clean and safe water supply for everyone in the Northern Territory.

Through our Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program and advanced monitoring systems, we preempt water problems and solve them quickly.

However, you may still sometimes experience discolouration, an earthy, metallic or musty taste, hard water and scaling, floating white particles or chlorine smell.

Most of the issues you’ll experience pose little risk and can be fixed by simply flushing your taps. You’ll find our Essential Guide to Common Drinking Water Problems here. Learn more about Common drinking water quality problems.

To avoid water quality problems, we follow the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines Framework, which promotes the application of a ‘multiple barrier’ approach to drinking water provision. Multiple barriers are in place across our network, so if one fails, other systems prevent or significantly reduce potentially harmful contaminants from reaching you. Read more about how we ensure drinking water quality. Learn more about Drinking water quality.

Where possible, we schedule maintenance through our planned works program to strengthen our network and reduce the incidence of unplanned outages.

Report a fault or outage

If you see a life-threatening or dangerous situation, call 000 or the Power and Water emergency line on 1800 245 090 immediately.

Step 01

If you’re experiencing water issues, first check our Essential Guide to Common Drinking Water Problems. View the Common drinking water problems here.

Step 02

Secondly,check our planned works page view the Planned works program here to see if the issue is related to planned maintenance.

Step 03

If you have water pressure issues or another concern which isn’t in the essential guide or planned maintenance program, the problem may be caused by a fault in our mains infrastructure. Please report a fault or outage so we can address it as quickly as possible.

Step 04

To report an outage outside business hours, please call our 24-hour line on 1800 245 090.

Step 05

For updates on water outages or to find out about planned maintenance work and major projects, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Leak detection and repair

In some parts of the Northern Territory, we use more water than can be captured and supplied. Leaks are the second biggest area of water waste after over-watered gardens.

Top End residents and businesses are losing a tremendous amount of water each year from leaks, causing water bills to shoot up, often for no apparent reason.

Leaks can be sneaky and go unnoticed for years. Find out how to find and fix a leak at your home or business.

Learn more about leak detection