At Power and Water our purpose is to Make a difference to the lives of Territorians. It is the driving force behind everything we do, from our projects to our electricity, gas, water and sewerage services.

We know our services are essential to your every day activities and enjoyment of the Northern Territory lifestyle, so we give our best at all times to keep the lights on and the water running.

Our Customer Charter provides you with valuable information about your rights and obligations as a customer. and our responsibilities to you as a service provider. There are three good reasons to have a Customer Charter:

  • to provide a summary of key points in our customer contracts.
  • to let you know what you can expect from us
  • to let you know what you can do to help us deliver our services safely and effectively.

Download Customer Charter

Please note: Effective 1 July 2022, we have updated our Customer Charter  to better reflect the key points of our customer contracts.

Our service standards

  • We will respond or acknowledge written customer inquiries within 5 working days.
  • Meter tests will be arranged within 5 days of your request.
  • We will move your account within 24 hours of the requested date when you are moving address (in major urban centres).
  • We will provide at least 2 days notice of planned interruptions (unless work is urgent).

For more details regarding our service standards please refer to our Customer Contract, our Standard Customer Supply Agreement and our published Connection Agreements.

Your responsibilities

Providing safe access to your water meter

Please keep your meter clear from obstruction such as locked gates, barriers, overgrown vegetation and unrestrained animals. If we are unable to gain access, we may require you to remove the obstacle or have the meter relocated.

Paying your account

Power and Water is a business entity and is accountable to the Northern Territory Government. It’s your responsibility to pay your accounts by the due date. To help manage your accounts, we offer an extensive range of payment options.

Advise us if anyone in your home requires life support medical equipment

Your water and power network services can go out unexpectedly, you need to be ready and have a plan.  You can advise us of your special medical needs when you apply for power or water supply by contacting us.  Learn more about registering as a life support customer.

Updating your details

Please let us know if any of your account details are changing. This can include a change of postal, email or phone contact details or if there is a change in responsibility for payment of the account. In addition, if the purpose for which your premises is used changes significantly, or there is a major change in the level of activity, please let us know as soon as possible.

Update your details

Your feedback

If you believe our service hasn’t met our published standards, we'd like to know. Our Customer Service Officers will listen carefully and respond promptly to your feedback. If a Customer Service Officer can’t provide an immediate answer to your inquiry, they’ll call you back with more information as soon as possible.

Share your feedback with us

Note: By requesting services from us you consent to us managing your personal information as outlined in our privacy policy. You can request access, at any time, to view and update the personal information we hold about you.