Power and Water’s purpose to make a difference to the lives of Territorians, includes supporting organisations and groups in our community.

We offer in-kind use of our portable water refilling stations and water trailers, based in Darwin and Alice Springs, for eligible community events and festivals.

We care about saving water and looking after our environment and encourage everyone to reduce single use plastic by bringing their own bottles to refill at our stations and trailers.

To support community events, we cover all of the costs associated with the use of our water trailer and water stations, as well as the management, maintenance and logistics.

We have two options to refresh your event:

Portable water refilling stations

Our water refilling stations are available for community events and are a great way for your event goers to stay hydrated.
There are 10 refilling stations available for use in Darwin and Katherine, and 4 in Alice Springs.  The stations will need to be close to a tap with potable water and ideally in the shade.

Refresh your event with a refill station

Water trailers

We have one water trailer in Darwin and one in Alice Springs. They are best suited to larger events. The water trailers have 6 taps (3 on each side) and can provide chilled water. The trailers’ dimensions are 2 metres wide, 7.1 metres long and 2.7 metres high. Access to potable water is essential and access to power depends on the event duration.

Try our water trailer to refresh your event.

Please note:

  • To request the use of our trailers or portable refilling stations please complete the application form below.
  • We require booking applications to be submitted at least 3 weeks before an event.
  • Bookings are at the discretion of Power and Water and subject to availability. We reserve the right to decline or cancel booking requests.

Water trailer and refilling stations request form