Damibila Dreaming (Barramundi Dreaming) on Larrakia Country by Tony Lee, Trent Lee and Jason Lee

Power and Water operates across 1.3 million square kilometres of the Northern Territory.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands we live, work and operate and pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future.

We are excited to share Damibila Dreaming story with you, from Larrakia Country.

See the mural on our Woods Street Zone Substation (corner of Woods Street and Garramilla Boulevard, Darwin CBD).

Duration 2:10 minutes

About the artists

Tony 'Duwun' Lee - Storyteller

Tony 'Duwun' Lee


Tony ‘Duwun’ Lee is from Darwin, and is part of the Larrakia mob. Duwun is a painter, printmaker, carver and conceptual artist. He has worked in multiple public art projects as a designer and conceptual artist based on the meaning of traditional artefacts and music. Duwun’s three Aboriginal bloodlines are a major influence of his work. Duwun has travelled around the world, including: China, America, South Pacific, India, New Zealand, Philippines.

Trent Bundirrik Lee  - Artist

Trent Bundirrik Lee


Trent Bundirrik Lee is from Darwin and is an accomplished mural artist and traditional carver, healer, dig player, mentor and cross-cultural facilitator. He was a featured artist in Bruce Munro’s Tropical Light Festival, 2020 Darwin Street Art Festival and 2020 Palmerston Youth Centre mural. Trent also runs Saltwater Cultural Tours mainly running tours in the local area which is the Larrakia peoples land and waters and as a Larrakia descendant he is a Traditional Owner and Custodian of the land which he operates on. He loves exploring and appreciating the Country in which he grew  up and is always looking to expand his expertise and understanding of his culture. He also guides trips to more remote and exclusive locations a few times a year.

Jason Lee - Artist

Jason Lee


Self-taught local artist Jason Lee (Bidjpidji Art), was born and raised in Darwin. Jason draws his artistic influences from his Larrakia ancestry and the Larrakia language and cultural practices, creating a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. He has been part of the Darwin Street Art Festival since its inaugural event in 2017. He is also an illustrator creating images for a range of children’s and colouring in books.

Barramundi and other sea-life swimming in the mangroves. Damibila Dreaming is an important creation story for the area. Barramundi created the spring which gave access to the mermaid dreaming and connects with many other dreaming stories.