We have prepared our Regulatory Proposal and eleven core documents to support our submission to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) .

These documents provide our forecasts for capital expenditure, operating expenditure, tariffs and metering as well as a summary of our engagement with stakeholders to date and other activities.

Please email any comments or questions to us at YourSay@powerwater.com.au

Regulatory proposal

A five-year proposal that details the costs of operating and investing in our three regulated networks for the 2024-2029 period.

Engagement overview

A summary of our 18-month engagement activities to hear from stakeholders and ensure our plans reflect Territorians' priorities for the network and NT.

Service Classification

Classifying our services according to the AER’s Framework and Approach in order to classify how we will be regulated.

Capital expenditure

The forecast capital expenditure (capex) related to building or replacing assets that provide services over a longer period.

Operating expenditure

The forecast operating expenditure (opex),related to regular annual expenses required to serve the networks.

Tariff Structure Statement (TSS)

Our proposed network tariffs for the 2024-2029 regulatory proposal, including an overview of the charging parameters for each tariff and approach to set the tariffs.

Tariff Structure Explanatory Statement

A detailed overview of the proposed tariff structure and reasoning behind the tariff structures and assignment policy.

Tariff Structure Overview

A customer friendly overview of the proposed network tariffs for the 2024-2029 regulatory proposal,including how different customers will be affected.


The revenue we think we will need over the next five years to pay for our plans, which are recovered through our network tariffs


Our plans for meter replacement in the 2024-2029 period, including an overview of our current performance and forecast expenditure and revenue.

Fee-based and quoted services

Our proposed services and indicative prices for our ACS-fee-based and quoted services.

Incentives Scheme

How we have performed under the incentive schemes that apply to the 2019-2024 and what we are proposing for the 2024-2029 period.