Our 2023 Transmission and Distribution Annual Planning Report 

The 2023 Transmission and Distribution Annual Planning Report (TDAPR) provides our customers and stakeholders with early visibility on key planning challenges, constraints and our thinking on solutions. This helps our customers, energy market participants, advocates, governments and regulators engage on a shared future pathway for Power and Water.

A key highlight of this year's report relates to new investments for the integration of large scale renewables on the transmission network. This includes potential new investments to integrate large scale solar farms connecting to the network and connecting the planned Renewable Energy Hub in Darwin.

The 2023 TDAPR sets out our reliability and power quality performance over the last year, including our proposed investments to address current issues. We have updated our demand forecasts to reflect recent data and information on connections. We also identify key asset condition and capacity limitations on our transmission and distribution networks over the next 10 years and our proposed solution to cost effectively address the issue. This provides an opportunity for our stakeholders to provide feedback on our direction and thinking.

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If you have any questions regarding information presented in the TDAPR, please contact Power and Water’s representative below.

Stuart  Eassie

Senior Manager Asset Management