Our 2020 Transmission and Distribution Annual Planning Report (TDAPR)

Over the last decade, the energy market in Australia has undergone a monumental shift with more electricity delivered from renewable generation. In the Northern Territory, our customers have been leading the change by installing solar systems to meet their own energy needs and exporting into the grid.

By 2030, the electricity system will look very different from today as the NT Government implements its Roadmap to Renewables with 50 per cent of energy delivered by renewables. We recognise that Power and Water has a significant role in facilitating the Territory’s transition to a renewable future and need to plan ahead and be innovative and agile.

The 2020 Transmission and Distribution Annual Planning Report provides our stakeholders with early visibility on key planning challenges, and our thinking on solutions. In turn, this helps our customers, energy market participants, advocates, governments, and regulators engage on a shared future pathway for Power and Water.

This is our second TDAPR. We have improved the way information is presented so that our stakeholders can access, interact and engage with the data and analysis. A key improvement this year will be a new visualisation platform (Rosetta Portal) to accompany this report, which we will shortly be placing on this site.

In this year’s report we identify key challenges and opportunities moving forward as we respond to a rapidly changing energy market in the Northern Territory. A key issue we raise is the drop in minimum demand due to increasing rooftop solar. Low minimum demand heightens the risk of supply disruption because generators need a threshold load to operate effectively.

We also set out our reliability and power quality performance over the last year, including our proposed investments to address current issues. We have updated our demand forecasts to reflect recent data and information on connections. The 2020 TDAPR identifies key asset condition and capacity limitations on our transmission and distribution networks, and our proposed solution to cost effectively address the issue. This provides an opportunity for our stakeholders to provide feedback on our direction and thinking.


The 2020 TDAPR report can be accessed here.

Appendix F and G are provided in an excel file here, and demonstrate our compliance with the NT National Electricity Rules information requirements.

Appendices I (transmission lines demand forecast), Appendix J (transmission contingency analysis), Appendix K (zone substation forecasts) and Appendix L (response to AER’s system limitation template) are provided in an excel file here.

The Rosetta portal will be available shortly. We will advise stakeholders when this becomes available.

Our 2019 TDAPR can be accessed here.