Durlg ngana Larrakia Birrabalirra (My Dreaming Larrakia Spirits) on Larrakia Country by June Mills, Kay Villaflor and Taleena Lui- Villaflor

Power and Water operates across 1.3 million square kilometres of the Northern Territory.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands we live, work and operate and pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future.

We are excited to share Durig ngana Larrakia Birrabalirra (My Dreaming Larrakia Spirits) story with you, from Larrakia Country.

Duration 2:32 minutes

June Mills- storyteller and artist

June Mills with the sea in the background

June Mills is a well-known Darwin identity –a traditional owner of Larrakia land, the country on which Darwin is built and the surrounding area. June’s art and music have always reflected the environment in which she lives, the people, landscape and the stories of her country.  She sings about love and loss, the connections between people, between country, and the importance of belonging- themes that are universal.

Art and Workshops

June is an accomplished artist who is known for her paintings, limited edition prints and public art projects.  She also works actively with youth to inspire creativity while also teaching cultural significance.  June facilitates a popular t-shirts and singlet painting workshop program for children of all ages.

Family and Music

June Mills can play many instruments including: guitar, ukulele, mandolin, piano accordion and the organ.  Her musical career started at a very early age. Music and singing was an everyday part of life and the family home was always full of people.  June’s parents- David and Kathy Mills- are both accomplished singers/songwriters and musicians, recognised by their induction into the hall of fame at the 2005 NT Indigenous Music Awards.

Mills Sister Group

For many years June was a member of the famous Mills Sisters Group, often giving support performances for famous acts like Harry Secombe, Charlie Pride and Tina Turner.  June on guitar, Ali on ukulele, Barbara on tambourine and shakers, Violet on Tbox (bush bass) and Robin Forscutt on lead guitar.

Music recording

June Mills Music “I’ll be the one” (Skinnyfish Music) June Mills’ debut album, reflects a lifetime of performances, song writing, activism and creative endeavours.  Recorded at Audrey studios in Melbourne, June had the benefit of backing by some of the best of that city’s session musicians such as Craig Pilkington (Killjoys) on guitar, trumpet and banjo and Stuart Speed on double bass and bass guitar.  The album also features nationally and internationally-acclaimed master guitar player Jeff Lang, who has toured with the likes of Bob Dylan, and Ani Di Franco.

Three spirits painted with a deep purple background and white and purple flecks. The creative spirits are infinite life energy. That energy comes from creation.