Community partnerships are a way of building meaningful relationships with the communities we serve.

Grants and sponsorships are a practical way of connecting to hear, learn and see what is important to our customers.

It is a way of sharing what we value and reminding people that our organisation is committed to supporting the growth, health and prosperity of the NT and its people.

We invest in the community through grants and sponsorships of different scales—with each one tailored to provide a unique opportunity to make a difference to the lives of Territorians.

Under review

We are currently evaluating our partnerships, grants and sponsorships program to ensure they are working well for the community; and are being effective in meeting our objectives.

By sharing your opinions and experiences of our past community partnerships program you can help shape our decisions about what comes next.

Please review the information below about the current program then take a moment to complete a short survey.

Community Partnership Grants Guidelines

Our focus is on connecting with our community and enriching the future of Territorians.

Power and Water aims to build meaningful partnerships to effectively and genuinely enrich the future of the Territory. We support communities in urban and remote areas in which we operate, with a focus on activities that build social wellbeing.

The grassroots events and organisations we seek to partner with must be not-for-profit and offer tangible benefits to their community and provide a positive platform for Power and Water and its reputation. We want to ensure that any partnership has a real and lasting ability to enrich the future of the Territory, our customers and our people. We want to be recognised for doing a great job in supporting the things that matter in our communities and helping the Northern Territory to grow.

Power and Water seeks to engage its customers and stakeholders and welcomes partnership opportunities that offer employees the chance to get involved through volunteering or mentoring opportunities.

Please complete a short survey to review our current program.  The survey is open until 30 July 2021.

  • opportunities that fall outside the Northern Territory
  • political parties, lobby groups or politically aligned groups
  • commercial and government bodies
  • events or activities that are divisive
  • individuals or individual teams' travel, accommodation or study support
  • religious groups (although charity related activities will be considered)
  • indirect appeals including charity dinners, conferences and seminars unless they have direct links to Power and Water and its business
  • providing free electricity or water
  • capital works, operating costs or salaries
  • events and activities that could be considered a health or safety risk

Please note we will not make charitable donations through the Community Partnerships Program.

The decision to recommend the acceptance or rejection of a community partnership request is the responsibility of the Power and Water Community Partnership Committee. When exercising this authority the committee will address the following criteria:

  • the alignment of the proposed partnership with the objectives and values of Power and Water
  • the ability to leverage a mutually beneficial partnership through a range of benefits and broader exposure opportunities including but not limited to naming rights, social media promotion, advertising and public relations activities, employee volunteering opportunities and merchandising
  • the reputation of the organisation seeking partnership and the potential for the partnership to enhance Power and Water’s brand
  • the potential to build strategic alliances with other like-minded organisations and encourage community engagement
  • the cost and value for money of the partnership against the benefits and available funds
  • the possible linkage with other sponsored activities to extend the reach of the proposed partnership.

Delivering on the terms and conditions agreed in the partnership agreement is a key element in evaluating whether a partnership was successful.

Power and Water will undertake regular reviews of all partnerships to ensure that targets have been achieved and objectives met. Power and water will also formally evaluate all partnerships on completion.