At Power and Water our purpose is to Make a difference to the lives of Territorians. It is the driving force behind everything we do, from our projects to our electricity, gas, water and sewerage services.

We are passionate about making a difference and we are excited to create relationships with partners across the community who are actively working toward the same goal.

Making a difference can come in many shapes and sizes and we want to know just how your initiative is achieving this.

At Power and Water we put our community and our customers at the centre of our planning, thinking and service delivery.  Any partnership will be a collaboration that involves working together to make the maximum impact for all.

Partnership options

Power and Water offer a range of partnership, sponsorship and grant options that align to our set criteria and guidelines. Application details for each are below. Applications are accepted online through the partnership and sponsorship form. We can also be available for in person presentations if required.

If you have any questions please email us.

Power and Water may have up to two major partnerships each calendar year to the total value of $80,000.

Major partnerships are expected to meet and exceed all criteria and can be committed to for 12 - 24 months.

Expressions of interest for major partnerships are open for submission year round, with outcomes usually decided between February and March each year.

Power and Water will commit to up to 10 community grants per calendar year to the value of between $1,000 - $5,000 ex GST.

Community grants applications for 2022 are now closed.  Written outcome will be provided via email by April 2022.

The application form will remain open year round for sponsorship opportunities outside of these times and will be awarded at Power and Water’s discretion.

The ‘Territory’s Finest on Tap’ portable water refilling stations and trailer are available for major and minor community events. Event organisers can apply online to be considered depending on audience, suitability and availability. Power and Water will provide sponsorship to cover delivery, setup and maintenance of the stations.

If you are applying for funding for an event and would also like the refill stations to be included please state this in your application. Alternatively you can apply for the use of portable water refilling stations and trailer separately.

Criteria and eligibility

All applications will be assessed by Power and Water and must demonstrate how they meet all of the criteria below to be eligible for consideration.

Our purpose is to make a difference to the lives of Territorians and organisations or initiatives we support must be driven by the same aim. This could be big or small in scale or fall into multiple categories.

You must be able to clearly articulate in one to two sentences ‘how your initiative makes a difference to the lives of Territorians.’

Power and Water's key initiatives are:

Helping shape the future of the Territory

Power and Water is dedicated to helping shape the future of the Territory. We aim to inspire through progressive and future focussed projects and vision. We also want to support others who share this vision to make the Territory grow and thrive.

Organisations can apply for grants or partnerships that demonstrate an impact on the Territory and its people. This could be (but not limited to) a product innovation, an event that drives community involvement and inclusion or a program that aims to improve liveability.

Caring and supporting Territorians

Providing reliable, safe and trusted essential services is the foundation of what we do. It keeps the lights on, the water running and the toilet flushing.

There are amazing organisations in the Territory who go above and beyond to care and support for our community, providing services that Territorians come to rely on. This category is to support those who are supporting others.

Uplifting or creating opportunities for Territorians

Our passionate team of experts are what makes Power and Water. It is the passionate people of the Territory that make the NT what it is. We want to support the people of the Territory to make a difference, whether it be through education, accessibility, upskilling or opening doors for others.

We are proud to be able to provide these opportunities at Power and Water and want to support organisations or initiatives that empower others.
This may include but is not limited to helping make opportunities accessible to all Territorians, education grants or initiatives to bridge the gap on inequity and disadvantage.

We want to be actively engaged with our partners, creating relationships in person rather than online. We will be looking for partners that help to create these opportunities. Depending on the scale of your project or program this may include:

  • Presentation or speaking opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities for staff
  • Presence at events for consultation purposes
  • Merchandise give away
  • Space for solar phone charging and water bottle refilling stations
  • Customer Service team engagement activities.

Partners will be required to provide promotional benefits to Power and Water through dissemination of agreed messaging via their owned channels. This messaging can be provided by Power and Water or generated by the partner.

Priority will be given to partners who actively demonstrate content ideas that create meaningful connection and benefit between the brands. This will ideally be demonstrated across the life of the partnership.

Partner channels or potential benefit options may include:

  • social media posts
  • newsletters
  • advertising
  • blog/vlog articles
  • internal employee communications
  • use of people or talent for content
  • content ideas.

All successful partnerships will be required to sign terms and conditions and a partnership agreement committing to agreed deliverables.

Power and Water reserve the right to reject a submission for any reason without justification.

Power and water will not support:

  • organisations or individuals that are not based in the Northern Territory
  • political parties, lobby groups or politically aligned groups
  • commercial and government bodies
  • events or activities that are divisive
  • direct payments to individuals but can support fees, tuition, product purchase etc
  • religious groups (although charity related activities will be considered)
  • indirect appeals including charity dinners, conferences and seminars unless they have direct links to Power and Water and its business
  • providing free electricity or water
  • capital works, operating costs or salaries
  • events and activities that could be considered a health or safety risk.

Please note we will not make charitable donations through the Community Partnerships Program.

Acquittal Process

Each partnership or grant will be expected to go through an acquittal process at the end of the agreed partnership period to evaluate the agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and delivery. These KPI’s and delivery agreements are set on a case by case basis prior to the partnership/grant being awarded. Evidence of successful delivery will need to be recorded.

Failure to deliver against agreed deliverables across the life of the partnership, without prior communication or agreement with the Power and Water sponsorship team, may impact any future grant submissions.