Community partnerships are a way of building meaningful relationships with the communities we serve.

Grants and sponsorships are a practical way of connecting to hear, learn and see what is important to our customers.

It is a way of sharing what we value and reminding people that our organisation is committed to supporting the growth, health and prosperity of the NT and its people.

We invest in the community through grants and sponsorships of different scales—with each one tailored to provide a unique opportunity to make a difference to the lives of Territorians.

Under review

We are currently evaluating our partnerships, grants and sponsorships program to ensure they are working well for the community; and are being effective in meeting our objectives.

Thank you to those who shared their opinions and experiences of our past community partnerships program by responding to the survey.  Your feedback is helping shape our decisions about our 2021-22  community grants program.

Community Partnership Grants Guidelines

Following the community survey our 2021-22 grants program is in development.  Please register your details if you would to be notified when the new criteria is available and when we are accepting applications.