External Service Providers form a legitimate part of our workforce, especially when a specialist skill-set is required which is not available within the Power and Water Corporation at the time. 

Our procedure for the Management of External Service Providers outlines how the corporation will manage the relationships with External Service Providers and what you may expect when your services are engaged.

This includes building an organisational culture that recognises the benefits of ensuring the principles of probity and transparency are applied to the engagement of consultants and contractors referred to as “External Service Providers” (ESPs).

An ESP can be categorised as a consultant (which may be an individual or an organisation) or a contractor for professional services who typically works at Power and Water for the term of their approved contract.

Purpose of the procedure

A procedure has been established to provide the process of how Power and Water manages ESPs to:

  • Promote industry and public confidence in our commitment to promoting transparent, open and fair competition
  • Safeguard sensitive and non-public information and ensure the protection of commercial in confidence information of Power and Water and its industry partners.

Procurement of External Service Providers

The engagement of ESPs will comply with the Procurement Sourcing Rules and align with the Procurement Policy Statement. ESPs may only commence work once an approved contract is in place.

Your responsibilities

ESPs are responsible for complying with;

  • Power and Water’s Code of Conduct and
  • Their contractual obligations.

More information

If you need further information, please contact your Power and Water Business Unit representative or the Strategic Sourcing team:

Email: pwc.procurement@powerwater.com.au

Phone: (08) 8924 5610