Power and Water provides water supply services to 18 major and minor urban centres and 72 remote communities across the Northern Territory.

These towns primarily use groundwater supply except Darwin, Katherine and Pine Creek, which also access surface water sources. Our largest surface water reservoir is Darwin River Dam, supplying over 85 per cent of the regions’ needs.

If you’re a remote customer, there are unique challenges associated with treating water and distributing it to you. Discover more about the Territory’s remote water supplies and how we can conserve and use water better in these areas.

Drinking water quality

The Territory is expansive, with many isolated regions and differing climates. Wet and dry seasons in the Tropical Top End and Red Centre affect our access to water sources and the way we treat supply to ensure optimum quality. Read more about how we maintain a high standard of potable water and what you can do if you experience a drinking water issue.

Learn more about drinking water quality