That’s My Water! 2024 Sustainability and STEM Education Programs

Educating the next generation is key to ensuring we have enough water for Darwin’s future.

Since 2016, Power and Water has partnered with the Department of Education to deliver That’s My Water! – providing schools and students with water sustainability learning programs aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

A range of programs are available, tailored to different year levels and locations. By taking part you can engage your students and position your school as a leader in sustainability.

A young student drinking water from a school tap.

Information for teachers

More than 4800 students and 37 schools have participated in That’s My Water! since 2016. The program invites students and schools to work alongside Power and Water’s STEM professionals to address the issue of water sustainability in the Northern Territory. It offers students an outstanding educational experience, tailored to age and location.

A young student drinking water from a school tap.

Information for Darwin schools

Power and Water’s That’s My Water! program has helped Millner Primary School reduce its water use by an impressive 46%. Our experts worked with the school to achieve this significant reduction by undertaking a water efficiency audit, implementing a new irrigation schedule and providing technical assistance with smart irrigation.

Our 2024 programs

That's My Water! Middle years challenge

This is a four week integrated mini unit.

The Darwin Water Challenge investigates the importance of water from a number of different perspectives and subject areas. The unit is aligned to the key learning areas of science, geography and art and promotes integrated learning in the middle years.

It features presentations from a number of STEM industry stakeholders, including Power and Water, Charles Darwin University, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security.

Delivery: Term 2 or 3
Year level: 7/8
Location: Darwin region
Duration: over a 4 week period

That's My Water! Upper primary

That’s My Water! for upper primary is built around an inquiry model of teaching.

This unit empowers students to learn first-hand from STEM professionals before proposing solutions to directly influence the issue of sustainable water use in Darwin.

The unit ends with students creating and publicly sharing their social action projects. This program will have a major final event involving multiple participating schools.

Delivery: Term 3
Year level: 5/6
Location: Darwin region
Duration: 10 weeks/ 1 term

That's My Water!  Bush Schools

This program includes a range of engaging activities and resources that are designed specifically for remote communities.

Students will have the opportunity to investigate water from a cultural and scientific perspective, before creating a project to influence water use in their community.

The program includes videos and activities featuring Baker Boy.

Delivery: All year
Year level: 2-10
Location: Remote schools
Duration: Power and Water guest presentation or teacher delivered options

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We have taken part in the That’s My Water! program and it has been really great at engaging our students and making their learning relevant to the here and now in our Darwin community

Year 5/6 Teacher| Malak Primary School

Hear more from teachers

That's my water! Upper primary

Year 5/6 students at Malak School were engaged, empowered and full of ideas during their That’s My Water! experience. Hear first-hand about the benefits from their teachers.

That's My Water! Malak Primary School October 2022

Duration 1:05 minutes

That's My Water! Bush schools

This program connects remote communities like Santa Teresa with their own water story, teaching water sustainability in a way that relates to their experience, home and community.

That's My Water! Bush Schools program

Duration 4:15 minutes