Our future electricity plans

Australian Energy Regulator 2024-29 regulatory determination

Our role

In 2014 the Northern Territory Government introduced structural reforms to the electricity supply chain. We are responsible for transporting electricity from generators to end users.

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Our network

Power and Water is responsible for all the poles, lines and infrastructure required to deliver power to your home and business. Find out more about our network

Regulated networks

Following structural separation, the thee networks in Darwin-Katherine, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek are subject to oversight by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Our main responsibility in these regulated networks is to transport electricity from generators to homes and businesses.

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Unregulated networks

Power and Water also manages and maintains a number of smaller electricity networks, servicing small towns and communities.

These areas are not connected to Power and Water’s three regulated electricity networks. They are classified as ‘unregulated’ as they are not subject to economic oversight by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

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Our future plans

Customer Engagement Program 2024-29

We are excited to engage with stakeholders in the development of our network plans for the 2024-29 period. We have sought feedback and input from a broad range of stakeholders as we develop our expenditure plans to ensure that we deliver valued services that enrich the lives of Territorians now and into the future.