Community artwork project

Stories of power and water in the Territory

Power and Water is committed to reconciliation in our workplace and our community.

To ensure we are living the values of our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, we engaged with Traditional Owners, Elders and artists to identify local stories that highlight the continued connection and importance of power and water, relevant to the land we live and operate on and where our infrastructure is located.

The stories were shared with local artists from each region to create an artwork for Power and Water to be used in our 2023-2025 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, painted on prominent infrastructure and shared on our social platforms.

This has been an exciting and collaborative process, building our understanding of the history of power and water as a resource in our community and helping us capture and share important stories from across the Territory.

We will continue to work with Traditional Owners, Elders and the community to build important relationships, and support truth telling and education by capturing and sharing power and water stories.