Thank you for participating in Power and Water’s That’s My Water School Education Program.
We hope that you have learnt a lot about your local water story and the water journey from cloud to cup.

Before we get started, help us learn a little about you. Your feedback before and after the program will help us understand it's impact of and support the ongoing work of Power and Water.

Your survey responses are confidential. No personal contact details are requested and no personal information will be shared with any third party.

Tell us something about yourself
e.g. John Mark Smith, type in JMS
How many years have you lived in Darwin?
Have you ever met a scientist or an engineer?
Would you like a job in science, technology, engineering or maths?

Your household's water use
What area of your home uses the most water?
Do you, or anyone in your family, was your car or boat in the driveway?
Do you or anyone in your family, water the garden for more than an hour a day?
If you saw a friend or a family member wasting water, how likely would you tell them to stop it?
Have you or anyone in your family made changes to reduce the amount of water you in your house? Examples to reduce water usage at home:
Installed a water efficient shower head, fixing leaks, using the washing machine only when you have a full load, turning the tap off when brushing teeth, watering the garden less, etc.
Which of the following would, or does, motivate you to reduce the amount of water used?

Darwin's water use
Every house in Darwin uses water. Do you think that, in Darwin we use:
Do you think that people in Darwin could use less water?
Do you think that Darwin has enough water to support all of us into the future
Do you think you use water wisely?
Do you think your school uses water wisely?
Do you think groundwater is important in Darwin?
Do you think people in Darwin use more water than people in other cities?
How would you feel if water restrictions were used in Darwin?
If you saw someone wasting water, how likely would you be to speak up and tell them to stop?