We employ hundreds of Territorians in technical, professional and customer service roles, and there are regular opportunities to join the Power and Water team.

We're a government-owned corporation, offering the benefits and protections of the NT Public Service, along with the chance to be part of the team that keeps the lights on and water running for Territorians every day.

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Current vacancies at Power and Water

Category Manager


Fixed (Temporary) - Full Time

PWC Band 4 Admin Corporate Services FT - Remuneration Package $141,076 - $163,165 (including salary $131,485 - $152,313)

Primary objective: Working to the Chief Procurement Officer, managing a small team to provide oversight of governance, reporting, and analytics, as well as ensuring the development and delivery of category plans and targets across the Corporation’s categories of spend.

Contact: Justin McKenzie, Chief Procurement Officer on 08 8924 5322

Senior Service Delivery Coordinator

Alice Springs

Ongoing (Permanent) - Full Time

Senior Technical Coordinator - Remuneration Package $165,131 - $180,999 (including salary $144,964 - $159,928)

Primary objective: Provide leadership, management and participation in the Service Delivery Section ensuring the use of internal and external resources an effective and efficient manner. All works will be scheduled to maximise the use of a multi-skilled workforce, delivering all planned and unplanned works within established time and budgetary requirements and in a safe and proactive manner.

Contact: Andrew Wilson, Senior Manager Service Delivery on 08 8924 5323

Customer Service Officer IES

Alice Springs

Ongoing (Permanent) - Full Time

Band 1 Administrative Corporate Services - Remuneration Package $58,958 - $78,781 (including salary $54,771 - $73,187)

Primary objective: Ensure the provision and promotion of a high quality standard of customer service to meet the expectations and requirements of external and internal customers of the Power and Water Corporation.

Contact: Ronda Saba, IES Co-ordinator on 08 8943 6592

Manager Water Demand

Alice Springs, Darwin

Fixed (Temporary) - Full Time

Band 4 Professional - Remuneration Package $158,903 - $180,992 (including salary $131,485 - $152,313)

Primary objective: Develop, monitor and deliver the required outcomes of demand management programs across the Northern Territory.

Contact: Amy Dysart, Senior Manager Strategy and Planning on 08 8995 5878

Control Room Coordinator


Ongoing (Permanent) - Full Time

PWC Band 4 Admin Corporate Services FT - Remuneration Package $141,076 - $163,165 (including salary $131,485 - $152,313)

Primary objective: Manage the support functions of the control room for end to end processes including data management, communication, facilities, HR functions, training and change management activities.

Contact: Robert Ross, Acting Real Time Operations Manager on 08 8924 6502

Hints for applying

In the Northern Territory Public Sector, job selection is based on the merit principle.

Under this principle, Power and Water employs, promotes and transfers employees based on their suitability to:

  • perform relevant duties
  • work in the relevant workplace
  • work in the public sector.

Selection criteria are different to merit criteria. While the selected applicant must meet all the essential selection criteria, they must also have the best knowledge, skill, qualifications and experience to fulfill the role.

A candidate needs to show ambition, direction and a desire to better themselves so the selection panel can determine future potential.

There are lots of different ways to demonstrate merit. The components of merit aren’t always given equal weight. There are times when existing knowledge and experience are the most critical factors in a role. At other times, it’s better to take on someone with less experience but more skill.

For example, your qualifications may not be as high as another candidate, but your work experience and willingness to do what’s needed to add value might be more important to the team.

Or, you could have qualifications that are higher than what we need for the role, but the fact you worked hard to qualify in a special interest area may show your ambition, direction and desire to better yourself.

So, how can you stand out?

For each selection criteria, always consider your:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • qualifications
  • potential

Give clear examples of each. Write in plain English, using fewer words to say more.

Limit your job application to a one-page summary sheet with an attached resume setting out experience, qualifications, duties and achievements in previous roles, and contact details for current and other relevant referees.

While you can demonstrate your knowledge and qualifications through formal study or work experience, skills and potential are harder to define.

Potential is more than just a feeling we have about someone based on their writing style or personality.

You can show your potential by describing your capabilities.

For example, you might explain how you picked up a new piece of information quickly, came up with an improved way of doing something and shared this with the team or worked flexibly to achieve a goal.

When your referees reinforce your stories of achievement, it strengthens your credibility.

People have lots of different skills, even if they’re working in similar roles. Therefore, it’s vital for you to demonstrate the required skills, as well as those extra skills that place you at an advantage.

If you’re applying for a role in a team, but have mainly worked on your own or without direction, show examples of how you approach collaboration outside of work.

Remember, skills can be transferable. You may not have led a team of engineers, but you have demonstrated leadership through project management. Let us know.

Every year, we take on school leavers and adults to undertake apprenticeships and traineeships in electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, plumbing and linework. Find out more about apprenticeships and traineeships here.  

If you enjoy working outdoors, with your hands and in your community - becoming an Essential Services Operator may be the job for you.

For more information on how to apply for a job within the public sector, visit the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment website.