Customer engagement for the Australia Energy Regulator 2024-2029 Revenue Proposal

Our objective is to engage with the Customer Advisory Council (CAC) to introduce them to the requirements of the Australia Energy Regulator (AER), what we know now and how they will contribute in future.

Method of engagement

Consult through discussion and presentations to understand CAC’s views on process, suggestions and their future role.

Key outcome of engagement

We aim to achieve the following key engagement outcomes:

  • CAC understands AER engagement.
  • Present on process and outcomes to date.
  • CAC identifies ideas, suggestions and feedback for incorporation into our planning of future engagement and how we will engage with the CAC.
  • CAC endorses the process (including their amendments and suggestions, if any).

Brief background

Power and Water is responsible for planning, building and maintaining reliable electricity networks to transport electricity between electricity generators and electricity customers in the Northern Territory.

We operate three regulated networks under the AER:

  • Darwin/ Katherine
  • Tennant Creek
  • Alice Springs.

Power and Water submit plans every five years for how we will operate these networks, upgrade or replace infrastructure. These revenue proposals identify costs associated with running the business and based on this the AER will determine what we can do and importantly, what we can charge. Key to their consideration is that customers have not only been taken into account for all future plans to benefit customers, they want to see that the customer voice has shaped and influenced our proposal from the beginning.

We are currently engaging with customers, communities and stakeholders about their future energy needs. It is their ideas and requirements that will be used to help inform the development of the plan to the AER.

What do we want to know

As representatives of all electricity customers in the Northern Territory we would like to know:

  • Whether our engagement process is robust and practical.
  • Any suggestions, ideas or feedback you have for us to improve it.
  • If you accept the role as ‘final customer arbiter’ in the process, reviewing all engagement outcomes and the draft proposal to ensure those voices have been accurately reflected within it.


We aim to ensure:

  • Representatives are informed about how energy is regulated and our proposed approach to capturing and reflecting all customers' voices in the shaping of the revenue proposal.
  • The CAC accepts and embraces the role of overseeing all engagement activities and providing advice on process, reviewing outcomes and ensuring our draft and final 2024-2029 Revenue Proposal reflects these accurately.
  • The CAC endorses their role in the preparation of the Proposal in representing all customers appropriately, effectively and meaningfully.

Supporting information

The future of electricity in the Territory Australian Renewable Energy Agency website |  Renewable Energy