Power and Water has a number of supplier lists and panel contracts. Below are two tables of current arrangements with links to relevant information.

Supplier lists

The supplier list consists of companies that have undergone prior assessment and have been deemed suitable to provide the works, goods or services outlined.

SL002Provision of Safety and Technical Training
SL004Minor Civil and Hydraulic Works and Services
SL007PI Support Services

Panel Contracts

Panel contracts are established after a public Request for Tender process has been undertaken. The companies appointed as panel members were assessed and deemed suitable against relevant criteria for the goods, works or services to be provided.

NumberTitleExpiry Date
CZO00714-20Provision of employment and labour hire services04/08/2024
GPO00583-19Supply and delivery of PWC fabricated items for Power Services30/04/2024
PCD00782-20Provision of SCADA and Energy Management System Services14/11/2024
PCD00060-21Supply and Delivery of Operational Technology Goods and Services12/06/2026
PFD00769-20Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and energy market specialist regulatory advice and services18/10/2024
PFO00095-21Provision of Project Management Resources30/06/2024
PFO00096-21Provision of General Engineering Resources30/06/2024
PFO00096-22Utilities Support Contract30/06/2026
PPO00303-16Provision of electrical, civil, construction and maintenance works on electrical distribution networks 30/04/2024
PRA00253-16Southern region - Repairs, maintenance and new works of mechanical power station equipment in remote communities 31/07/2024
PRA00254-16Southern region - Repairs, maintenance and installation of generating units and design, construction and assembly of generating units, remote radiator stands and walkways 31/07/2024
PRD00322-17Northern region - Repairs, maintenance and installation of generating units and the design, construction and assembly of remote radiator stands and walkways in remote communities 31/07/2024
PRK00298-17Katherine region - Repairs, maintenance and new works for mechanical power station equipment in remote communities 31/07/2024
PRO00051-13Repairs, maintenance and new works to electrical distribution systems in remote communities22/10/2024
PRO00091-13Repairs, maintenance and new works of electrical power generation in remote communities22/10/2024
PSO00783-20Marketing and communication services30/11/2024
PWO00595-20Civil and hydraulics works and services to water and sewerage infrastructure13/09/2025
PWO00104-21Provision of mechanical and electrical works and services for water and sewerage infrastructure31/08/2025
PZD00125-21Provision of Culture and Leadership Training and Support31/12/2028
PZO00552-20Provision of recruitment services for specialised executive positions28/06/2024