Contract details
Contract number GPO00583-19
Business unit ownerPower Services
Contract dates1 August 2020 to 31 July 2023

About this contract

For the supply and delivery of PWC fabricated items for Power Services including but not limited to the following:

  • Steel poles, cross arms, brackets, etc.
  • Copper busbars
  • Precast concrete slabs, foundations, walls, covers, etc
  • Fiberglass/composite formed items (inc. crossarms, covers, crossarms, etc)

NameLocation (state)Category/region
  • Power Line Supplies NT Pty Ltd T/as Electrical Supply Solutions
NT Steel / Streetlights / Composite / Copper
  • MMC Australia Pty Ltd
NTSteel / Composite
  • Northtech Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Foremost Pty Ltd
  • SLE Engineering Pty Ltd
  • SWEL Pty Ltd T/as Specialised Welding and Engineering

Power and Water may appoint additional members to the panel under the same assessment criteria contained in the original Request for Tender.

Contact details

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