Using your prepayment meter

Remote prepay meter showing meter screen, keypad and meter number

1 Screen

The meter screen will go to sleep when you're not using it.

  • Pressing "B" on the keypad will wake it up.
  • If money is owed a  minus ‘-’ sign will show on the far left.
  • The screen shows whether power is ON or OFF.
  • It may also show messages, such as EC OFFER when emergency credit is available

2 Keypad

The keypad is used to:

  • See the balance.
  • Accept or view emergency credit information.
  • Reconnect the meter.
  • Enter manual top up information.

3 Meter number

The meter number is under the barcode, left of the keypad.

The 8 digit number next to the letters PN will be needed to top up online.

About your prepayment meter cardprepayment meter card

  • Each household receives three cards, linked to the meter at their house.
  • There is no money on the card.
  • It shows which meter to send the money to. It is used for in store top up.

Top up at these stores in your region

If you lose your prepayment meter card

You can still top up online or by phone.

You can call us on 1800 245 092 and we can send a text with your barcode, to top up at the shop. That way, if you find your cards, they will still work.

If your cards do not turn up we can send you a replacement set of cards, with a new barcode. A replacement fee of $20 will be deducted on the meter.

Adding credit to your prepayment meter

Duration 90 seconds

There are three ways to add credit to 'top up' the meter.


Anyone can top up any meter online, using the customer ID and the meter number. To top up online you can:

  • Go to
  • Use the sticker in the meter box to:
    • Scan the QR code for online top up
    • See the customer ID and meter number.
  • Pay using a credit or debit card.

In store

  1. Take your prepayment meter card to the shop.
  2. You can pay for the amount of credit that you want.
  3. Staff at the shop will scan or swipe the card.
  4. Credit is automatically sent to the meter.
  5. The staff  will give you a receipt.


Anyone can top up any meter over the phone, using the customer ID and the meter number. To top up by phone:

  • Call 1800 245 092
  • Pay using a credit or debit card.

For all top ups

  • It can take up to 15 minutes for the credit to show on the meter. This depends on the mobile network.
  • Credit that has been sent to the meter cannot be refunded.
  • You must check the card and meter details to make sure they top up the correct meter.