Our teams work hard to ensure a clean and safe water supply for everyone in the Northern Territory.

What causes a water outage?

The most common water supply interruptions are caused by mains breaks, major leaks and emergency repairs due to issues including tree roots damaging pipes and infrastructure damage by third parties..

Customers can also experience problems with their water supply which do not cause outages, such as drops in water pressure or leaks.

If you see a life-threatening or dangerous situation such as a powerline on the ground, call 000 or the Power and Water emergency line on 1800 245 090 immediately.

Repairing faults and restoring services

Once a fault or outage has been reported, our crews will respond.  If you see our crew or approved contractors in the area, they’re already looking for or repairing faults.

Please don’t attempt to stop a Power and Water vehicle to report an outage.  Check our current outages and follow the steps on our outages and faults page to see if you need to report it.

Safety, environment and weather conditions, accessibility to damaged areas and the time of day are among the many factors that affect how long it takes to restore your services.

To keep up to date on current outages or issues, you can:

Other water supply and quality problems

While some faults do cause interruptions to water supply, there are other concerns or problems that customers may have with water supply or wastewater services.

Some of these may be the responsibility of the customer to prevent and repair, such as leaks and blockages; and some concerns may not require action at all, such as common concerns over tap water colour.

Before contacting us or reporting a fault, learn more about the possible issues:

How we deal with major outages and emergency events

Providing essential power, water and sewerage services to Territorians means that we must be prepared, able to respond to and recover quickly from an emergency event. To achieve this, Power and Water follows an event management and recovery plan. We have crews on stand by around the clock and operate a 24 hour call centre.

After a cyclone, storm or flood we inspect and repair our infrastructure as soon as it's safe.  Water quality is monitored closely to ensure the health and welfare of the community.

Find out what else we do to prepare for emergencies and how we respond to an emergency event.