Electronic interval meters record your usage in kilowatt hours (kWh) for every 15 minute period (interval). Each 15 minute interval is recorded and saved in the memory of the meter. We then connect to the meter, download the data and provide it to your retailer to issue your bill.

These meters are used for solar PV metering and time-of-use metering, as they can be programmed to suite customer's tariff requirements.

Metering data can be downloaded and charted for commercial customers, enabling them to understand and improve the management of their power consumption.

Reading the electronic meter

Single phase electronic meter

Three phase electronic meter

Press the select button on your meter to view each screen:

LCD display Test screen
tida Time/Date
003 Total kWh used (the combined total of the 004 and 010 Registers) , or, your total usage recorded up to that time and date.
004* Total kWh used during peak period*
010* Total kWh used during off peak period*
023 Total solar (PV) export

*Peak and off peak usage recorded in the meter may vary from your retail invoice due to retailers offering different peak periods to Power and Water.