Trees and palms interfere with powerlines and result in a significant portion of power outages across the Northern Territory.

Often, trees are blown onto powerlines when they grow too close to them. If this happens, they can conduct electricity and become serious safety hazards. If Power and Water become aware of a fallen tree, we must disconnect the power as soon as possible.

Tree trimming program

To help prevent power outages caused by fallen trees we have a tree trimming program. By trimming trees and palms before they become overgrown, we help reduce the chances of a tree or palm interrupting power supply in your suburb.

Our contractors clear vegetation around powerlines on the road reserve and remove the debris or rubbish from the site. We’ll even clear trees that come from a private property and intrude on the safe clearance distance of the powerline on the road reserve.

Who’s responsible

Property owners are responsible for ensuring trees are clear of the electricity service line. The service line is the line running from the power pole on the road reserve to the house. However, if trees are close to powerlines it’s critical you don’t attempt to clear them yourself. Phone us on 1800 245 092 for information on having them removed safely.

How does your garden grow

Some trees and palms aren’t suitable for growing under or near powerlines. In some cases, pruning may not address the safety issue. Or, pruning may impact the aesthetics of your garden.

If our contractors identify unsafe vegetation on your private property, they’ll contact you to discuss removing it permanently. Likewise, if you don’t like the way your safely pruned tree looks, you may choose to remove it.

Before any trimming begins, our contractors send flyers to relevant properties to let residents know. Tree Trimming locations are also updated weekly on our Planned Works page.

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