While our mission is to keep the lights on and the water running, we’ll only work towards this goal if it’s safe for you, our contractors and employees.

Stay safe and get prepared

Living in the Territory means that you have to plan ahead for the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you. These fact sheets will help you plan, prepare, prevent and connect.

Alerts and warnings

Territorians are used to dealing with extreme weather events. There are many ways you can monitor storms and get information about how to prepare for storms and other emergencies.

If the situation is life-threatening, such as a powerline on the ground or another threat to public safety from damaged infrastructure, please contact us immediately on our emergency line 1800 245 090 or call 000.

Reporting faults or outages

If you’ve noticed a pole leaning, water leaking, or other damage to our equipment, please report the problem to us along with its location using the quick and easy fault reporting form or in our mobile app. Before reporting a power outage, be sure that you've checked our current outages feed, waited 15 minutes and gone through the quick fault checklist to see if it identifies the issue for you.

Sometimes unscheduled outages are caused by violent storms, animals on powerlines and accidents. As soon as we know we have an outage, we'll let you know through our outages feed. Your power or water supply can also be interrupted due to planned maintenance. You'll be notified about these in advance, and can find out more about our planned works program here.

Power and Water is a vital team member in the Northern Territory's emergency response during severe weather events, natural disasters or other major incidents.

During a crisis, we will feed all critical public information through SecureNT along with other government agencies and emergency services, and this should be your first port of call.

Preparing for emergencies

During the dry season in the Top End and winter in Central Australia, we prepare by rolling out a program of network maintenance and upgrades. Find out how we prepare here:

How we prepare for emergencies

Responding during emergencies

During major events or incidents, Power and Water plays many roles in keeping or returning safe water, wastewater and electricity services to Territorians, and above all, keeping the public and our people safe.  Find out more about our emergency response plans here:

How we respond to and recover from emergencies