Electricity service line on your property

If the service line attached to your house or business has pulled away from the building due to storm, cyclone, tree or other damage, stay clear and call Power and Water to come and make it safe. Once safe, it will be your responsibility to have a Northern Territory licensed electrician check your property, carry out necessary repairs and issue a Certificate of Compliance before we can reconnect your power.

This is to protect you and your property. The Certificate of Compliance confirms that your house is safe to reconnect power, ensuring we don't endanger your life by reconnecting your house if it's damaged or has water logged wiring.

When you have this certificate call us on 1800 245 092. Please leave the certificate in your meter box as the repair crew will need to see it before they can begin any work. We will send a repair crew to restore your power supply as soon as possible.

Overhead electricity service lines in:

Urban areas

Image showing Electricity service line in urban areas

Rural areas

Image showing Electricity service line in rural areas

Underground electricity service line

Infographic of underground power service line