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Contract number PRA00254-16
Business unit ownerPower Services
Contract dates6 April 2017 to 31 July 2021

About this contract

A general outline of the work to be carried out under the contract comprises:

Mechanical/electrical installation of diesel generating sets, ranging from 50kw to 3 megawatt electrical output, including remote radiators / stands and walkways and exhaust, fuel, pneumatic and oil systems.

Supply, construction, repairs and maintenance of Power and Water’s related assets on aboriginal and remote communities including:

  • construction of generator beds to Power and Water standards
  • assembly of generating units / upgrading of alternators and realignment of alternators
  • construction of remote radiator stands and walkways to Power and Water standards
  • mechanical/electrical Installation of generating units
  • construction / installation of exhaust systems and lagging of systems
  • modification and installation of fuel systems in the power station building
  • installation of skid / remote radiators and associated pipe work
  • general welding and fabrication
  • painting of power station floors.

The site of the works is various remote communities throughout the southern region, including but not limited to, the following locations (sites may be added to or deleted from this list at any time by the Superintendent):

Alice Springs Region

Yuendemu, Yuelamu (Mt Allan), Walungurra (Kintore), Kaltukatjara (Docker River), Amoongona, Ampilatwatja (Ammaroo), Ti Tree, Apatula (Finke), Utju (Areyonga), Arltarlpilta (Harts Range), Engawala (Alcoota), Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff) Imanpa, Laramba (Napperby) Lytentye Apurte (Santa Teresa), Ntarai (Hermannsburg), Nyrippi, Papunya, Tapatjatjaka (Maryvale), Urapuntja (Utopia), Wallace Rockhole, Watiyawanu (Mt Liebig), Willowra, Wilora (Stirling), Nturiya, Pmara Jutunta, Arlparra, Areyonga.

Tennant Creek Region

Aluprrurulam (Lake Nash), Orwaitilla (Canteen Creek), Imanangara (Murray Downs), Tara (Barrow Creek), Ali Curung, Watunurrgurra (Epenarra).

NameLocation (state)Category/region
Ross Engineering P/L NTSouthern
Andrew Cole Pty Ltd T/as Mick Murray Welding NTSouthern 
Swel Pty Ltd NTSouthern

The panel will remain closed for a period of 12 months unless Power and Water determines that owing to changed circumstances the size of the panel is inadequate.

First anniversary date - 6 April 2018.

Power and Water may appoint additional members to the panel under the same assessment criteria contained in the original Request for Tender.

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