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Power and Water have a strong history of learning and development activity across all business areas. Staff within technical areas undertake learning and development associated with a skills framework. The skills framework primarily comprises national competencies and Power and Water specific training. A high degree of safety and compliance training is also undertaken across Power and Water due to the high risk nature of the work performed in operational business areas.

In order to address the broad range of learning and development needs across Power and Water, a supplier list arrangement has been  established within the following categories.

Provision of these services will generally involve delivery of the training to a group of employees in-house. From time to time in house training provision may be required for only one or two employees, due to the highly technical or specialised nature of the training. Alternately individuals may attend public courses delivered by the provider.

Each category below contains brief details regarding the types of services that may be required. The details listed below are not intended to be extensive, nor should they be considered all inclusive.

Category 1 - Work Health and Safety

Course Name / Program title - Unit of competency (at time of establishment)

  • Provide first aid in an ESI environment - UETTDRRF10B
  • Provide first aid in remote situations - HLTAID005
  • Provide first aid - HLTAID003
  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation - HLTAID001
  • Perform pole top rescue - UETTDRRF02B
  • Perform rescue from a live LV panel - UETTDRRF06B
  • Perform rescue from switchyard structures at heights - UETTDRRF05B
  • Perform tower rescue - UETTDRRF04B
  • Perform cable pit/trench/excavation rescue - UETTDRRF07B
  • Perform EWP rescue - UETTDRRF03B
  • Perform EWP controlled descent escape - UETTDRRF08B
  • Gas test atmospheres - MSMWHS217
  • Undertake vertical rescue - PUASAR032A
  • Work safely at heights - RIIWHS204D
  • Enter and work in confined spaces - RIIWHS202D
  • Operate breathing apparatus - MSMWHS216
  • Work in accordance with an issued permit - MSMPER200
  • Gas test atmospheres - MSMWHS217
Category 2 - Technical

Course Name / Program title - Unit of competency (at time of establishment)

  • Locate LV and HV Cables and Faults - UETTDRIS58A
  • XLPE Termination/Jointing - UETTDRCJ21A, UETTDRCJ26A, UETTDRJ27A
  • PILC Cable Jointing and Termination - UETTDRCJ25A, UETTDRCJ22A, UETTDRCJ23A
  • Maintain Energised Transmission Lines HV Stick - UETTDRTP31A
  • Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (glove) including annual audit - UETTDRDP14A
  • Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (stick)s including annual audit - UETTDRDP13A
  • HV Live Line Assistant including annual audit
  • HV Energised Ancillary Tasks (Restricted Live Line)

Conditions of tendering/quotation are standard conditions that outline the rules that apply to suppliers and the Power and Water Corporation when conducting a procurement process.

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SupplierTerritory EnterpriseCat 1Cat 2
3M Australia Pty LtdYesX 
All Global TrainingYesX 
Benchmark Power Pty LtdYesXX
Civil Train NTYesX 
Civil Safety Pty LtdYesX 
Eagle Training Services NT Pty LtdYesX 
EnerSafe Pty LtdYesXX
ERGT Australia Pty LtdYesX 
Fire and Safety Australia NorthYesX 
Royal life Saving Society (Australia) NT Branch IncYesX 
Aurecon Australasia Pty LtdYesXX
Energy Skills International Pty LtdYesXX
Simmonds and Bristow Pty LtdNoXX
Site Skills TrainingYesXX
Charles Darwin UniversityYesX 
Premium Health Pty LtdYesX 
St John Ambulance Australia (NT) IncYesX

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