We have been engaging closely with residential customers through our Customer Forums and People’s Panel. We have also sought to work closely with businesses, other large users and energy partners through our Future Network Forum, Small Business feedback and surveys, Large users and Generator Forums and Retailer Forums.

Customer focus groups Retailers forum Future networks forum People's panel Other customer engagement reports

Customer focus groups

Focus groups were held in Alice Springs and Darwin in August 2021 across four dedicated sessions. Sessions established a baseline of customer experience and expectations.

The focus groups included representation from:

  • NT residential customers
  • low social economic customers
  • life support customers
  • Indigenous and English as second language customers
  • solar customers
  • urban and rural customers
  • advocate service supporting customers
  • senior/pension customers

Retailers forum

The forum provides an opportunity for Retailers to engage with Power and Water on key challenges and the structure of its network tariffs.

This includes hearing from retailers:

  • How the challenges will impact retailers and;
  • Understand the retailers view on the future of the network.

The first Retailer Pricing Forum took place online on Tuesday 9 November 2021.

Future networks forum

The session was held as part of early engagement on the 2024-2029 AER Regulatory Proposal. The purpose of the event was to discuss opportunities of transitioning to a renewable energy future.

In particular, we sought feedback and insights from stakeholders on:

  • The role Power and Water plays in supporting the achievement of NT Government’s 50% renewable energy target by 2030.
  • Network capabilities required to support this transition.
  • Initiatives to help Power and Water bridge identified gaps in its existing capabilities.
Presentations at the Forum included:
  • Overview of Power and Water and the Changing Energy Landscape
  • The Darwin-Katherine Electricity System Plan
  • The Future Network Pathways
  • The Electric Vehicle Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • The Future Energy Readiness Plan
Future Networks Forum presentation
The Future Networks Forum presentation was given as part of early discussions about the AER Regulatory Proposal for 2024-2029 in the early stages.

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Future Networks Forum report
This report provides a summary of materials and key insights from Power and Water’s Future Network Forum which was held between 2pm and 5pm on Thursday 11 November 2021 at the Darwin Convention Centre

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Future Networks Readiness Plan: 2021 - 2024
The Future Networks Readiness Plan outlines actions and initiatives that we can commence now to ensure Power and Water is in the best position to meet evolving customer needs.

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People's Panel

A People’s Panel is intended to allow for customers to consider issues in-depth. It is a valuable way of collaborating with the community in the development of the our future network plans as it provides direct, actionable insights into the priorities of customers for Power and Water to incorporate in its forward planning.

Participants on Power and Water’s Darwin and Alice Springs People Panel were randomly selected residential customers to simulate a ‘mini-public’ representative of Power and Water’s broader customer cohort.

The panels:

We have held six People's Panel since November 2021, capturing issue, ideas and feedback on our proposed plans for the  2024-2029 regulatory period:

  • People’s Panel Summary Report – November 2021
  • People’s Panel Summary Report – March/April 2022
  • People’s Panel Outcomes and Decisions – August 2022
  • People’s Panel Outcomes and Decisions – May 2023
  • People’s Panel Outcomes and Decisions – August 2023
  • People’s Panel Outcomes and Decisions – October 2023

The findings and feedback from these sessions have been consolidated into reports linked below.

People’s Panel Summary Report - November 2021
Power and Water Corporation (Power and Water) held two People’s Panels in November 2021 to inform the development of the 2024-2029 Revenue Proposal for the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

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People’s Panel Summary Report - March/April 2022
Power and Water Corporation (Power and Water) held the second round of the People’s Panels in March/April 2022 in response to participant questions, revisited customer values and discussed how these influenced customer preferences.

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People’s Panel Summary Report- August 2022
Leveraging the outcomes from the March and April People's Panels in Alice Springs and Darwin, Power and Water reconvened panellists to provide and overview of the Draft plan, test customers preferences and priorities following the release of the Draft plan. Discussed and get feedback on proposed changes to tariffs.

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People's Panel Summary Report - May 2023
This document provides an overview of feedback and outcomes from the May 2023 People’s Panels (May Panels). The May Panels were in-person all-day sessions attended by approximately 6 participants at each Panel. The forum was also observed by members of the AER Consumer Challenge Panel, a consumer engagement challenge group, who provide advice to the AER on our engagement program.

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People's Panel Summary Report  - August 2023
In August 2023, the People’s Panels were convened for the fifth time to be informed and provide feedback on our 2024 2029 investment plans. Provide an update in approach for some of the key projects and programs for the Revised Regulatory Proposal, to test outcomes from the May 2023 People’s Panels to ensure these align with participants’ views and to discuss the future of the People's Panels, including what topics the Panels wished to cover in future.

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People's Panel Summary Report  - October 2023
The objectives of the October Panel was to consult with and involve panellists by providing a summary of the AER’s draft decisions to Power and Water’s Initial Regulatory Proposal, seeking panellist views on our Revised Regulatory Proposal response to the AER’s Draft Decision and testing panellist views on the direction and speed of key investments.

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