For customers wanting their service line and/or power and water meters permanently removed

This form is suitable for commercial and residential customers who are demolishing their property and require the service line and/or power and water meters permanently removed and disconnected from the network.

This form is for:

Customers or builders demolishing their home or business

Customers wanting PERMANENT removal of all services and meters

Do not use this form if you are moving properties

Do not use this form if you require a temporary disconnection from the network

Removal details
I would like to apply for permanent removal of the following: *
Please note this is just a guide we will contact you to arrange the date. We can only accept dates 5 days in advance between the hours of 6am - 3pm (weekdays) - $379.00 - out of hours $1043.
Property details
This should be the address of your new (dis)connection. Please include street address, suburb and postcode
e.g locked gate or dogs etc. Important: If full access is not provided we may not be able to complete your connection within two business days. If Power and Water is required to complete more than one trip, additional fees may apply.
Customer contact details
Your Customer ID can be found at the top right hand corner of your bill, include all digits excluding the dash
this will become the registered number on the account
this will be where we send all correspondence
Please confirm the following:
I understand that this is a PERMANENT removal *
Charges and timeframes *
Personal information *