For the installation of insulated covers on overhead wires

Conductor covers are installed to provide a visual warning and give limited protection against inadvertent contact with energised overhead powerlines.

Work within proximity to powerlines must comply with the Electricity Reform Act, technical and safety regulations. This form must be forwarded to Power and Water Corporation, with an attached map detailing the location 14 business days prior to the date required. Failure to do so may result in delay of installation covers.

This form is for:

Customer completing works near energised overhead powerlines

Customers with a map detailing the location

Do not use this form if you need the covers sooner than 14 days

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We may use this to contact you in regards to your application
We may use this to contact you in regards to your application
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e.g. locked gate or dogs etc. Important: If full access is not provided we may not be able to complete your installation within two business days. If Power and Water is required to complete more than one trip, additional fees may apply.
Installation details
Please let us know when will be the best dates and times to perform the installation. We will contact you to confirm dates before proceeding.
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