The Northern Territory Government regulates your water and sewerage charges.

This pricing is current from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.  You can find more information about water and sewerage tariffs and charges on the Utilities Commission website.

Current water tariffs


Amount per kilolitre











Plus a fixed daily charge

Charges are based on the size of the portable meter or permanent connection. No fixed daily charge applies to standpipes and portable meters.

Connection size

Fixed daily charge amount

Up to 25 mm


26 to 40 mm


41 to 50 mm


51 to 100 mm


101 to 150 mm


151 to 200 mm


Above 200 mm – proportional to meter size (poa)

Sewerage tariffs


A fixed annual charge of $826.10 applies to residential properties and vacant blocks able to be connected to the sewerage service. It applies whether the service is connected or not and regardless of the number of sanitary fittings in each residence.


For properties with none, one or two sanitary fittings, a fixed annual charge of $826.10 applies. For properties with three or more, a fixed annual fee of $826.10 applies, plus an amount for each additional fitting:

Sanitary fittings

Amount for each additional fitting.

3 to 24


25 to 49


50 to 99


100 to 149


More than 149


Service charges

There are charges for some water and sewerage services. These include:

  • Establishment of new water account -  $111.00 including establishment fee
  • Transfer of existing water account -  $56.00
  • Special meter readings requested by the customer -  $50.00
  • Removal of water restrictor -  $95.00

All charges are during business hours. The above services are not available after hours.

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