For most business customers, the way we supply and serve you will be the same as for residential customers.

The opportunities to save resources (and dollars) may also be different for you if you're running a business.

Our services are different depending on the type and size of commercial customer

Our small to medium business customers have slightly different accounts to residential customers.

  • commercial tariffs
  • monthly billing cycles

Customers with water meters on large commercial properties are likely to have larger commercial water meters, which may be read slightly differently to residential meters.

There might be extra things you need to consider in commercial premises depending on your industry, such as backflow prevention and trade waste regulations if you need to dispose of substances such as motor or cooking oils, or chemicals from cleaning, hairdressing or other processes.

Otherwise, your services from Power and Water are much like residential services, and the customer information across this website should apply to you.

We service our largest commercial and government customers through a team of dedicated account managers.

We understand that managing the services of large and/or multiple premises with high water and electricity consumption is complex.  Our account managers have specialised knowledge and ongoing relationships to ensure that your services and business processes with us run smoothly.

Our team also carefully monitors our high water and power users' consumption, assisting in identifying trends that may lead to efficiencies or catch a potential problem in advance.

  • dedicated account management team
  • water and electricity consumption monitoring
  • monthly billing cycle
  • commercial tariff rates
  • option to pay by electronic funds transfer and remittance
  • regular updates and engagement

If you're involved in development of land and property, or connecting and working with any of Power and Water’s assets or infrastructure, our dedicated developers website provides all the documents, guidelines and standard drawings you need.   This includes:

  • water and sewerage development processes
  • power development processes
  • remote development processes
  • standard drawings and technical documents
  • safety and access requirements

More for commercial and business customers

While Power and Water holds licences for distributing electricity through our networks across the Northern Territory, other power retailers can also enter the market to retail electricity. These retailers enter an agreement with Power and Water to access the networks we maintain to on-sell electricity to customers through the network.

For most customers in the Northern Territory's urban and major centres, including commercial customers, Power and Water is not the power retailer.

View a list of electricity retailers in the NT

Power and Water accepts trade waste into the sewer if you hold a discharge approval. Your business must also follow the conditions of our consent and the Trade Waste Code.

Learn more about trade waste

Bulk wastewater is wastewater from portable toilets, septic tanks, sewage from ships, grease trap waste and potentially other sources of contaminated wastewater.

Approved bulk wastewater accepted at our discharge facilities includes:

  • Greasy waste – waste pumped from commercial businesses grease arrestors
  • Septic waste – waste pumped from septic tanks, portable toilets
  • Grey water – wastewater generated from activities such as a laundry
  • Collection, Holding and Transfer (CHT) – sewage wastewater offload from ships while in port.

There are a number of approved liquid transporter companies in the Territory that have an agreement with us to discharge collected approved bulk wastewater into several of our waste stabilisation ponds. These ponds are located in:

  • Palmerston
  • Katherine
  • Tennant Creek
  • Alice Springs (septic waste and grey water waste only).

To apply for a Bulk Wastewater Agreement with us, forward your written request to Please note that application and disposal fees and charges will apply.

If you would like more information about types of waste, waste disposal locations and listed waste companies visit the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority website.

Under normal conditions, water flows from Power and Water’s pressurised water supply system to your property. If pressure drops in the water supply system, it’s possible for water to flow in the reverse direction. This backflow has the potential to contaminate drinking supply.

Learn more about backflow prevention

If you’re a remote customer, we’re your power retailer as well as the network provider.

We provide electricity retail services to Jabiru, Nhulunbuy, Alyangula and 72 remote communities.

For connections or disconnections in Nhulunbuy and Jabiru, please contact your local town council to arrange connections:

  • Nhulunbuy (08) 8987 0533
  • Jabiru (08) 8979 9444

If you’re a commercial customer, fill in this form to arrange connection or disconnection of remote electricity services. We organise connection to ensure you’re on the correct tariff.

We ask that you provide at least two business days’ notice before leaving a property. Commercial disconnections occur in business hours from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.