Trade waste

Trade waste is the liquid or liquid-borne waste generated from any industry, business, trade, manufacturing process or similar that is approved for discharge to sewer.

The Trade Waste Management System (TWMS) provides a framework for the administration, acceptance and regulation of the disposal of trade waste to the sewerage system.

Under the TWMS, a business that discharges trade waste to sewer will need to apply for approval to discharge trade waste.

Your business must also follow the conditions of the Trade Waste Code.

Before you apply

You will need to consider:

  • how stormwater runoff will be managed
  • what types of contaminants exist on-site
  • what business processes and activities generate waste
  • how you can limit the amount of trade waste generated
  • which kinds of proprietary products and chemicals will be used on site
  • if you need to provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • your discharge volumes and flow rates.

How to apply

If you are a food business you can apply for:

  • approval to discharge trade waste to sewerage
  • variation to a current approval
  • to renew your discharge licence.

Apply online
(Food businesses only)

For other business types, please use the form below.

Other ways to apply or renew

Complete the form below and email it to

Download the trade waste application form

After you apply

After we receive your application, we’ll contact you to talk about the best pre-treatment equipment for your business.

The estimated time to process your application is 10 business days.

Manage your trade waste license

We use QR reader technology to ensure all customers have ready access to the servicing information related to their trade waste license.

Find out about how to manage compliance to the Trade Waste Code to avoid potential issues that could impact businesses and the environment.