Water and Sewage Infrastructure Products Manual

Power and Water undertakes a formal and detailed assessment of products that may be considered suitable for use in its water supply and sewerage systems. From this assessment, approval of a product for use or otherwise and conditions and limitations of use are decided. Approval is normally given for five years except where certain conditions need to be achieved in some lesser time. Reassessment and approval is required on expiry of an approval.

Policy Benefits

In ensuring only suitable products are permitted for use this policy should deliver the following business and system operational benefits:

  • Provide greater assurance that product and system life expectancies will be achieved
  • Reduce the incidence of unpredictable and inadequate operation and performance of products/systems
  • Reduce pipeline system operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduce product and system life cycle costs
  • Improve the level of service provided to Power and Water’s customers.

Step 1.Under the contents heading below, determine whether the product is to be used in a Water Supply, Sewerage (Gravity) or, Sewerage (Pressure) application.
Step 2.Determine whether the product is a ‘pipeline system’ or ‘other products’.
Step 3.Choose the section that best describes the type of product (eg. material type for ‘pipeline system’ or type of product for ‘other products’).
Step 4.Click on the section heading to open and scroll down to the table of contents on page 3.
Step 5.The first heading in the table of contents is Specifications, where detailed information relating to the section’s products may be found. Following the Specifications, are the headings for the various tables of approved products (eg. Bends, Sluice Valves).
Step 6.Identify the table related to the type of product that you are interested in – click on the page number to jump to that table.
Step 7.Each table lists the specific product type/manufactures across the top and the available range (usually size) down the left hand side. If there is a tick matching the product type/manufacture to the available range then that product in that specific range is approved. Note: In some cases it will be a relevant number instead of a tick such as manufacturer’s product code; or the letter “I” to signify an interim approval.
Step 8.(Optional) If you require more information on the products manufacturing standard, materials, jointing options, markings and use/operational limits, check the relevant Specification at the beginning of that section.

NOTE: Where no product is listed or the products listed are unavailable please contact the Senior Engineer Asset Management on 8995 5838.