Multi-metering of water supply for unit titled developments

Power and Water Corporation’s (PWC) multi-metering policy allows permitted residential, commercial and industrial units to be individually metered. This requires the developer to:

  • Provide a separate water meter for each unit;
  • Provide a separate meter where a common area requires water; and
  • Install all the meters at the same time.

Multi-metering of water supply is the provision of a separate water meter to each unit in a multiple unit development allowing individual metering and billing.

  • Multi-metering is best suited to new one or two storey developments with:
  • Multiple residential dwellings;
  • Multiple commercial units; and
  • Multiple industrial units,

where each unit must be:

  • Detached or semi detached (i.e. villa, townhouse, shed); and
  • Unit titled (as defined in the Unit Titles Act),

and there is no shared or interconnection of internal water lines between the units.

It is a PWC requirement that all new suitable developments be multi-metered. Existing developments may make application for multi-metering and will be assessed similarly to new developments.

Multi-storey building developments having dwellings or units on different storeys are not suited for multi-metering. This is due to the prohibitive cost of providing separate plumbing to each unit.

Typical layouts for the water supply service for multi-metering of new and existing lots are shown below.

Example A – New units - Multi-metering of 3 units and common area

Example B – Multi-metering of 24 units on two separate water main tap-ins (12 units each arrangement and common area)

Example A – New units - Multi-metering of 3 units and common areaExample B – Multi-metering of 24 units on two separate water main tap-ins (12 units each arrangement and common area)
Image of example A(Multi metering of 3 units and common area) Multi metering of 24 units example B 

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For new developments, the developer is responsible for the installation of all building plumbing to allow for individual meters for each unit and the common area (where applicable). Existing developments can be multi-metered. All units in the complex will need to be metered. The body corporate in a unit title development or the unit owners within a shared lot are responsible for the multi-metering conversion.

For new and existing developments, the responsible person(s), at their own expense, are required to arrange the following plumbing works for multi-metering:

  • All plumbing both internal and external to each unit must be separate from that of other units. No shared or cross connections plumbing between units is allowed. Separate plumbing is also required for common water (e.g. irrigation supply).
  • The supply and installation of multi-meter manifold assembly and if applicable, registered backflow prevention devices.
  • Ensuring the water service to the property is suitable, sized appropriately, and upgraded if necessary.
  • If applicable, the exposure of the main prior to connection, and supply of materials required for tapping. Connections to main shall only be undertaken by PWC.
  • If applicable, the exposure of the main prior to disconnection. Disconnections to mains shall only be undertaken by PWC.
  • If applicable, the removal of all disconnected water services and the associated pipework, and reinstatement of the surface.

All plumbing works shall be performed by a certified plumber and shall comply with the National Plumbing and Drainage Code, AS/NZS 3500, PWC’s Connection Code and Backflow Prevention Policy.

PWC will charge the cost of the application fee for each meter required for the development.
Developers redeveloping an existing allotment, and/or an allotment with an unsuitably sized property service may incur additional charges. This includes:

  • Connection of a new property service tapping into existing water main.
  • Disconnection of an existing unsuitable service.

The developers’ certifying plumber is required to provide PWC with the following:

  1. An initial application for multi-metering to include:
    1. For existing developments, a letter of acknowledgment showing all unit owners agree to multi-metering.
    2. Drawings showing existing and proposed property service, assembly pipework and proposed plumbing. For existing developments include all changes to plumbing
  2. As required, an application for any connections/disconnections of water services
  3. A PWC multi-meter application form for the installation of water meters. The application is to also include a certification of compliance from a certified plumber stating that after completion of plumbing pipework there are no connections between:
    1. Pipes serving separate units
    2. New pipes and discarded pipes; and
    3. Whether a common area water meter will be required.
  4. The certificate of compliance shall also include a statement that the completed water service property connection complies with PWC’s requirements
  5. For commercial and industrial units, backflow hazard assessment for the site must be supplied by an accredited backflow assessor.

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