Trade waste grease arrestors and grease reduction devices approved by Power and Water Corporation in the Northern Territory as at 11 June 2020.

Before purchasing or installation commences, please contact Power and Water’s Trade Waste Department to ensure that a Trade Waste Application Form has been completed and plumbing plans for installation have been stamped approved by Power and Water. Once an application has been received, Power and Water will contact you to discuss the correct and most suitable pre-treatment equipment for your business.

Any businesses unable to install an in-ground grease trap must provide a report by a hydraulic consultant confirming that a minimum 1000 litre grease trap cannot be installed. Power and Water must approve, in writing, the installation of a grease reduction device before installation is carried out. Only products listed in the table below are permitted in the Northern Territory.

Any pump systems related to above ground grease traps will require written pre-approval by Power and Water and Environmental Health before installation.

Installation of a grease trap or grease reduction device can only be carried out by an NT licensed plumber in accordance with Australian Standard 3500. The location of these devices must ensure they are readily accessible at all times and sample points supplied on the outlet to sewer in all cases. It is the applicants’ responsibility to contact Plumbing Building Advisory Services on 8999 8985 where required.

Please note: Pre-treatment equipment installed in the Northern Territory that does not meet these standards and guidelines, may require removal at the cost of the installer.

Print fact sheet -  Approval of grease arrestors and grease reduction device

Product name Manufacturers' contact details Suppliers itemsSpecial conditions
ACO Grease ArrestorsACO Polycrete Pty Ltd
Address: 467 Tufnell Road, Banyo QLD 4014
Contact: Greg Facey  
Phone 07 32924500
Lipumax Basic
o NS4 (1000ltr)
o NS7 (1500ltr)
o NS10 (2000ltr)
Eco Jet Basic
o NS5.5 (1000ltr)
o NS7 (1500ltr)
o NS10 (2000ltr)
All Cast – Precast concrete grease arrestorAll Cast NT
Address: 1041 Makagon Road, Berrimah
Contact: Bob Houlihan  
Phone: 8947 1154.
Minimum 1000 Litres + 
CV PlasticsCV Plastics:
Address: 15 Deborah Street, Golden Square, Bendigo VIC 3555 Contact: Paul Chuter  
Phone: 03 54428728
Minimum 1000 Litres + 
Darwin Precast – Precast concrete grease arrestorDarwin Precast Products  
Address: 8 Hardy Road, Pinelands  
Contact: Greg Hughes  
Phone: 8932 1446 or 0418 853 49
Minimum 1000 Litres + 
Eclipse Grease ArrestorsEclipse Environmental Australia
Address: 73 Victoria Street, Smithfield NSW 2164
Contact: Andrew Borg
Phone: 0424 419 075
GA1000 (1000L)
GA2000 (2000L)
GA2500 (2500L)
GA3000 (3000L)
GA4000 (4000L)
GA5000 (5000L)
Available in Fiberglass/Stainless Steel for above and below ground installations.
*use of risers must be approved by Power and Water prior to Installation.
Everhard IndustriesEverhard Industries
Contact: Joseph Langford 
Phone: 07 36376444 
Minimum 1000 Litres + 
Grease Muncher ArrestorsGlobal Water Group
Phone: 08 8275 8000
Grease Muncher Model GM700A Grease Muncher unit is only for use under specific conditions and must be approved by Power and Water prior to installation
Halgan Polypropylene modular grease arrestorDarwin: Flowmaster Industrial Supplies
Address: Caroyta Court, Coconut Grove
Contact: Tom Cummins
Phone: 8948 2538
Alice Springs: Reece Plumbing  
Address: 87 Smith Street, Alice Springs
Contact: Martin King
Phone: 8953 7077
MGT 1000 – 5000The use of Risers must be approved by Power and Water prior to installation.
Mascot Engineering Lightweight Glass Reinforced Concrete Grease ArrestorsDarwin and Alice Springs: Mascot Engineering
Contact: Mascot 4YOU
Phone: 1300 885 295
QGA Series 1000-3000 
NT Acrylics and Plastics – Prefabricated PVC grease arrestorNT Acrylics and Plastics
Address: 6-7/55 Pruen Road, Berrimah 0828
Contact: Anna Commons  
Phone: 8984 4585.
Minimum 1000 Litres + 
Port CapitalTradelink
17 Crawford Street, Katherine NT 0850
08 8995 8060Bryce Heinrich
Cnr Stuart Highway & Angliss St, Berrimah NT 0828
08 8995 8020Mathew McLennan
Coconut Grove:
Tenancy 2/8 Osgood South Development, Osgood Drive,
Eaton NT 0820
08 8995 8080Ashley Norman
 - PCGT 5000
  1. Power and Water must be informed of intended use of this product prior to installation.
  2. The use of Risers must be approved by Power and Water prior to installation.

Product NameManufacturers' contact detailsSuppliers itemsSpecial conditions
Grease GuardianDarwin Aqua – Treat NT Pty Ltd  
Address: 101 Reichardt Road, Winnellie
Contact: Richard McElwee  
Phone: 8947 2133 Alice Springs:
Alice Hospitality Supplies Pty Ltd  
Address: Ghan Road, Alice Springs NT 0871  
Contact: David Heinzel
Phone: 8955 5388.
D1 – D5

Only for use upstream of an authorised in ground grease trap.

Must adhere to Power and Water’s guidelines for installation and maintenance of the unit.

Grease ShieldSales: Arafura Catering Equipment
Address: Shop 5, Parap Place, Parap Shopping Village, Parap, NT 0820 Phone: 8981665

Servicing: GK & Sons Electrics
Address: 10/ 5 Hidden Valley Rd, Berrimah NT 0828
Coverage: Darwin and Katherine
Contact: Gary Kohlman
Phone: 08 8988 9019
Mobile: 0409 907 739     
Aldirect Plumbing & Gas Fitting
Address: 3/66a Smith St, Alice Springs NT 0871
Contact: Stephen Zanca
Phone: 8953 5688
Mobile: 0411 822 401
 Only for use upstream of an authorised in ground grease trap.

Must adhere to Power and Water’s guidelines for installation and maintenance of the unit

For more information please contact the Power and Water Trade Waste team.