What you need to know about working with or connecting to our electricity infrastructure

Whether you're planning a new development, thinking about renovating or are after more technical information, you'll find all the information here to get started.

Safety is our number one priority

To help you return home safely at the end of every day, you should familiarise yourself with access requirements and induction processes that may apply.

Safety and access

Supporting our contractors and suppliers

If you're a contractor or supplier to Power and Water, here are some guiding and support documents.

Procurement and tenders

Power Services Design and Construction Guidelines

These guidelines form the basis of Power and Water accreditation of consulting engineers and contractors.

The guidelines are organised into 10 sections covering general and specific topics, including general requirements for the design and construction of network assets, documentation requirements and easement guidelines.

It is important to note the documents relate only to the power networks aspect of our business.

Network Technical Code and Network Planning Criteria

This document outlines the requirements that apply to all facts of the electricity network.

The Network Technical Code is applicable to all connected equipment but particularly generators and large loads. It also covers network performance criteria, technical requirements of facilities, inspection, testing and commissioning, as well as power system security and metering.

The Network Planning Criteria outlines what we need to ensure our networks meet high safety standards, provides high quality, reliable and secure electricity supply, meets environmental standards and optimises equipment utilisation.

Power service development information for...

  • We require that subdivisions and other developments be designed and constructed by accredited designers and contractors.
  • We have specific requirements for the types of developments, which can be found on our standards and guidelines page.

  • When wiring work is completed, you should complete a Certificate of Compliance and submit it to Power and Water.
  • You need to arrange for a Customer Connection Officer to install the service connection, meters, and final connection to supply.

We require that subdivisions and other developments be designed and constructed by accredited designers and contractors. If you are not yet accredited by Power and Water, you can submit your credentials to us for assessment, subject to our approval.

Under our standards and guidelines, we outline general design requirements. Please refer to sections that may apply to you.

At the conclusion of the project, we will require that all works be formally handed over to us.

View the List of Accredited Electrical Contractors and Consultants – January 2023 (PDF, 231kb)

  • If you're looking at establishing or modifying an existing connection, you should make an access application to us.
  • You should lodge a subdivision application with the Development Consent Authority if you're planning a subdivision into two or more lots.
  • We can provide you with a list of current accredited electrical contractors for subdivision developments.
  • Before you have a connection established, you should complete an application for supply, which acts as a binding contract between you and your electricity retailer.