This guide outlines the formatting requirements of as-constructed documents for consultants and contractors engaged in the design and construction of water and sewer gifted assets for Power and Water.

As-Constructed Drawings

  • The full set of final as-constructed water and sewer drawings is to be signed and dated by the certified hydraulic consultant in both PDF and DWG formats.
  • The as-constructed stamp, as-constructed revision/amendment description, Power and water drawing number shall be clearly shown on each drawing.
  • Noted in the amendments description box, AS CONSTRUCTED, AS INSTALLED or AS BUILT.
  • All newly created lots shall have the surveyed lot numbers reflected onto the as-constructed drawings.
  • All new water and sewer gifted assets shall be prominent or bold in all drawings. Other layers including lot boundaries, topography, trees, benchmarks, contours and other utilities (including existing, future and abandoned assets) shall be greyed out.
  • All grades shall be in units of millimetre per metre (mm/m).
  • For multi-staged development, the stage boundary shall be well defined.
  • Each drawing to be provided as a single PDF/DWG file individually named with the official Power and Water drawing number and amendment.
  • Each drawing file shall be in landscape orientation.
  • Provide each DWG with reference files (XREFS) bound-in or zip file (eTransmit) containing any associated photos/images used. DWG files to have reference files (XREFS) “bound” / “merged” into the drawing to maintain their “uniqueness”

Model Space DWG File

  • A complete DWG file each for water and sewer containing the as-constructed 2D model space shall be submitted. No other datasets to be included in the file.
  • For multi-staged development, the model space shall only contain new assets of the current stage.
  • The co-ordinate system shall be MGA 94 Zone 52 or Zone 53 (where appropriate).
  • The datum for all levels shall be Australian Height Datum (AHD) in metres to three decimal places e.g 600.999.
  • Where applicable, the model space shall also show existing assets which have been abandoned, relocated and/or removed.

Sewer Field Returns

  • The document shall show the correct surveyed lot numbers and be in extractable format (.csv or equivalent).

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