Where a business has a complex or non standard waste stream a Trade Waste Officer needs to undertake a site assessment to determine if the waste stream is acceptable for discharge to the sewer and to identify the type of pre-treatment equipment that is to be installed.

Business TypeProcess and discharge characteristicsPre-treatment equipment required
Auto dismantlers, car detailers, mechanical workshops, small engine repairers, vehicle washingGrease, oil, suspended solids, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, kerosene, detergentsCorrugated plate interceptor, vertical gravity separator, hydro cyclone, settling pit, silt pit.
Butcher, bakery, cafeteria, canteen, caterer, commercial kitchen, club, childcare, fast food outlet, fish and chip shop, hospital kitchen, hotel kitchen, motel kitchen, restaurant, school home science, take away shops etc.BOD, suspended solids, grease from food preparation, cooking and cleaning processesDry basket arrestor in floor waste. Basket trap in sink drains. Grease arrestor minimum capacity of 1000 litres. Large sites will require a site visit from a Trade Waste Officer.
Health related industries, dental surgery, dental technician, doctors’ surgery etc.Amalgam, mercury, silver, plaster casts, suspended solids, x-raysAmalgam separator, plaster arrestor, Industry Code of Practice, Photographic Uniform Regulations for the Environment (Pure)
Commercial laundry, coin operated laundry, dry cleanersLint, high temperature, high pHLint traps, cooling pit, pH correction
Photographic processing and developing, x-ray, graphic artsSilver and ammoniaPURE Industry Code of Practice. Spent fixer and developer is not to be discharged to sewer and must be collected by a licensed liquid waste transporter.

Application Process

Under the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Act a permit is required for any business seeking to discharge trade waste to Power and Water’s sewerage system. A Trade Waste Application form can be found here.

A Trade Waste Discharge Permit or agreement cannot be issued unless an application has been received and approved.

For more information about Trade Waste Discharge Permits contact Power and Water Trade Waste team.