Need to connect or modify a service?

Whether you want to connect a new property, change an existing connection or connect to solar, we have all the information you need.

Power and Water owns and maintains the power distribution system including the power meter at your property. We are also responsible for initial property connections to our network and connection changes like solar (photovoltaic or PV) and upgrades to three phase from single phase.

In most cases, your retailer and electrical contractor or solar installer will handle the connection process with us for you.

If you live in a major centre, you can choose your power retailer, who can submit your connection application on your behalf. Learn more about choosing a power retailer.

For remote customers, Power and Water is your nominated retailer.

We are currently reviewing our connections process.

To support the introduction of the Household and Business Battery Scheme, we have rolled out a new application form for our basic connections.

Power and Water requires that installers of all embedded generation systems hold current NT electricity licences, as well as current installers accreditation with the Clean Energy Council. Accredited installers must only install approved CEC electrical equipment.

Basic new connections and changes to existing connections

Find out how to connect or change a connection to our network if you are building or moving into a new home, or installing a small residential or commercial PV (solar) or battery system.

More about the basic connection process

Download the basic connection application form

Negotiated connections

These are connection services that do not fall under the criteria of a basic connection service.

More about this connection process

Connection class requirements

A basic connection service is a:

  • connection of residential and small non-residential premises where:
    • supply is available (there is a line available at the required voltage and with sufficient capacity for the proposed connection)
    • high voltage network extension is not required
    • low voltage network extension is limited to one span of overhead or 25 metres of underground cable
    • there is no network augmentation required
    • the maximum demand of the electrical installation is less than or equal to 10 kVA single phase or 25 kVA three phase.
  • Connection of micro-embedded generation (for example PV installations) with an inverter capacity of less than 30kVA, in line with AS4777 requirements and consistent with Power and Water’s processes for small inverter connected generators where no network augmentation is needed.
  • temporary low voltage connections for a period of 12 months or less
  • connection of unmetered supply (other than public lighting).

Basic connection services do not apply to:

  • real estate developers
  • embedded generators that are not micro-embedded generators.

You will need a negotiated connection service if your needs are beyond that of a basic connection.

Solar PV class requirements

Your solar installer will help you choose a PV system best suited to your energy needs and circumstances.

Our essential guide to PV class requirements

Basic connections process

Building, moving or changing your meter?

This information is for customers who need a new connection or want to make changes to an existing connection service that falls under our basic connection service conditions.

The technical information we need may be unfamiliar to you. We recommend an electrician, an electrical contractor or your retailer complete the application on your behalf.

  1. Complete the application form (and any other supporting documentation) and submit it along with your payment.
  2. We will assess your application and contact you if further information is required.
  3. By default, we will offer you an expedited connection. This means you accept either our Model Standing Offer for Basic Connection or Model Standing Offer for Basic PV Connection. You will not have to go through our formal offer and acceptance process.
  4. A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) will need to be provided prior to final connection. For micro embedded generation connections, a completed commissioning sheet will need to be provided in addition to the CoC.

You can choose not to have an expedited connection, though this will result in delays to your connection service.
If you would like to negotiate the terms and conditions set out in the model standing offers, your application will no longer be considered a basic connection service and you will need to follow the negotiated connections process.

Our Customer Service Centre will help you if you need any additional information regarding our connection services.

If you need more detailed technical information, we can put you in touch with our connections team who will contact you within five business days.

As of 14 April 2020, you need to submit the basic connections application form to request a new, or modify an existing basic connection.

Submit your application to and we will contact you if we need any further information.

Basic connections

Basic PV (solar) connections

For more information on PV connections, see our Solar power systems page.

For remote customers, see our Remote solar PV connections page for more information.

Commissioning sheet

Once the installation of your micro-embedded generation unit has been completed, you will need to submit a completed commissioning sheet and Certificate of Compliance to

Download the Commissioning sheet

Where to submit

We have recently changed our process.

Please submit all basic applications and any supporting documentation to

This address is for all connection application forms, whether PV, battery or otherwise, in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Basic connections

There is no fee for a basic connection service.

You may have to pay an additional fee if you are applying for an upgrade from single-phase to three-phase.

Basic solar (pv) and battery connections

A $95.19 (GST included) administration fee should be paid with your application.

You may also have to pay a fee to upgrade to a meter compatible with solar (PV) and battery systems.
Check the Meter change list to see if you require a meter change.

See our 2019-20 ACS fee based network price list for more details on Standard Control Services and Alternate Control Charges.

Negotiated connections process

Negotiated connection services are services that do not meet the definition of a basic connection service, such as a commercial, industrial or a developer new connection.

As our customer, you have the right to negotiate your connection contract.

If you choose not to accept the terms and conditions of our model standing offer for either a basic connection or basic connection with generation, you will be entering into a negotiated connection contract.

There are additional charges and timeframes associated with a negotiated connection service depending on the type of connection required.

The technical information we need may be unfamiliar to you. We recommend an electrician, an electrical contractor or your retailer complete the application on your behalf.

  1. After you get in touch with us for the first time about your connection, we will assess your connection and respond to you.
  2. Once you send through the completed application forms, we will prepare an Connection Offer outlining the terms and conditions of your connection service.
  3. We will tell you if any aspect of the proposed connection is likely to be contestable, and give you any additional information you may need.
  4. Return the accepted Connection Offer along with all relevant documentation and the necessary payment to finalise your Connection Contract.
  5. Design and construction will start.

For more information on commercial, industrial or a developer new connections, please go to our Developers site.

For more information on connecting PV systems, please refer to our Solar power systems and PV class types pages.

We are changing our process and will have a new negotiated application form available soon.

To submit an application for a negotiated connection, contact us by sending an email to our  Network and Development planning team and we’ll provide you with an application form on request.

For generating systems greater than 2MW and loads connecting to the transmission system. Please complete the enquiry form below and email to our Network and Development planning team.

Large Connection Enquiry Form

Different fees and charges apply depending on the type of connection service you need.For more information, go to to our Network regulation and pricing page.

Submit all relevant documents along with the Connection and PV Application Form (Notice of Intention to Connect).

Once we have all the information we need, we will send you a Connection Offer for a Negotiated Connection Contract.

For more information on commercial, industrial or a developer new connections, go to our Developers page.

For a list of completed embedded generation projects, please refer to our Register of Completed Embedded Generation projects. This register is compiled to meet the requirements of the Northern Territory National Electricity Rules 5A.D.1A.

Contestable Services

When applying for a connection service other than a Basic connection service, Power and Water can provide all services relating to your connection from application to commissioning. However, subject to agreement with Power and Water, you may choose to engage an accredited supplier to undertake the design and/or construction work downstream of the connection to Power and Water’s existing network, where it can be constructed safely in isolation of Power and Water’s existing network. This may include extensions and all reticulation within property developments. In the absence of an alterative provider, or as requested by the applicant, Power and Water will undertake these works.

A service is considered contestable if it can be provided by another supplier on a competitive basis, however not all elements of the Power and Water’s connection services are contestable.  Some examples of the non-contestable elements of Power and Water’s connection services may include but are not limited to:

  • preparation and issue of design specifications;
  • review and approval of design undertaken by the connection applicant;
  • audit of construction where the connection applicant undertakes the construction works;
  • conduct of physical inter-connections to Power and Waters’ distribution network;
  • commissioning and testing of the constructed connection assets to Power and Waters’ distribution network; and
  • integrating the newly created connection assets including any extensions and augmentation into Power and Waters’ asset management systems.

Please note, services provided in Power and Water’s Basic connection services are non-contestable.

For more information, refer to our Connections Policy, or contact one of our team members via email at