Territorians shaping our electricity future

Decisions about the future of electricity in the Northern Territory are in the hands of Territorians as they continue to contribute to our future plans.

Power and Water’s People’s Panels will convene again in Alice Springs and Darwin this month to provide feedback about their preferences and priorities for Power and Water’s investment plans for 2024-2029.

‘The Panels will be consulted about our plans, and in particular how Power and Water will maintain and upgrade the electricity networks and systems to ensure they are safe, reliable and ready for the renewable energy future,’ Executive General Manager Power Services, Stephen Vlahovic said.

In January, Power and Water submitted its proposed 2024-2029 investment plan to the Australian Energy Regulator to deliver essential power services to Territorians on the Darwin-Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs electricity network.

The role of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is to ensure energy consumers receive safe, reliable and affordable energy by regulating the electricity networks across most of the country.

‘Our customers are our focus and central to our future plans, and this direct feedback will ensure their voices continue to be heard as we progress through the regulatory proposal process,’ said Mr Vlahovic.

Panel members will discuss more comprehensively the efficiency and affordability of delivering the proposed investment projects, including future network technologies needed to improve our capabilities and resilience.

Key themes will include enhanced ICT requirements, cost reflectivity to ensure equitable cost recovery and embedding an ongoing customer engagement framework to make sure we continue to hear from our customers.

‘We’re continuing to work with our customers to make sure we are delivering on their expectations as outlined in the 2024-2029 Regulatory Proposal.

‘We look forward to again meeting with the People’s Panels for a deep dive on a range of topics and proposed projects that will help us deliver on our future energy plan.’

The Regulatory Proposal for the 2024-29 regulatory period outlines our expenditure forecast for the period, and reflects our rigorous stakeholder engagement feedback to allow us to better deliver quality services for Territorians now and into the future.

Power and Water’s Engagement overview provides a summary of engagement activities over the past 18 months to hear from stakeholders.

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