While Power and Water is responsible for supplying water to the water meter, property owners are responsible for the cost of any water use registered on the water meter, as well as any water used or lost through the property's internal plumbing and on the customer side of the meter.

We do however, understand the frustration and inconvenience concealed leaks cause to property owners. This allowance aims to help alleviate some of the pressures caused by a concealed leak.

The eligibility criteria and exclusions changed on 1 November 2023. Any new applications submitted for the first time on or after 1 November 2023 will fall under the new criteria. Any applications submitted prior to 1st November 2023 (including applications that have previously been submitted prior to 1st November 2023) will fall under the old criteria.

You may be eligible for a water leak allowance if the following applies

The leak was

  • concealed or reasonably undetectable (underground or in a wall cavity)
  • repaired with authorised materials and there is documented evidence of the leak e.g. plumber’s report/photos/receipt for parts.

Other conditions

  • You must be a domestic customer - this includes residential property unit plans and residential body corporates.
  • Only one allowance is permitted in a five year period per property under the same ownership.
  • Allowances are based on the excess use above your normal average consumption and capped at $1,200 .
  • Allowances are based on a maximum of 2 billing periods, those being
    • The billing period during which the leak was repaired.
    • The billing period immediately prior to the leak repair.

If you have repaired the leak yourself, you're required to provide

  • a report from licensed plumber confirming the leak has been repaired/there are no leaks OR
  • copy of receipt for materials used in repairs AND/OR
  • before and/or after photos showing the pipe
  • documented evidence of the leak must be provided


Wastage due to faulty or malfunctioning appliances or fittings, for example:

  • faulty toilet cisterns
  • hot water systems
  • swimming pools
  • rainwater tanks/pump and valves
  • fixtures (internal and external taps)
  • where the leak has not been repaired
  • a failing stopcock (meter tap)
  • irrigation systems

Evidence of negligence, including:

  • failure to renew pipe work which is in poor condition
  • leakage due to faulty workmanship or construction work
  • where the leakage is caused by vandalism
  • where the leak has not been repaired

Plumber's attendance and repair costs are not included in the Water Leak Allowance

What you need to complete this application

  • Your Power and Water account details.
  • A current meter read.
  • Your water meter number.
  • Documented evidence of the leak and details of the repair work undertaken e.g. plumbers invoice or report, receipt for materials, photos.

I understand and wish to apply for a Water leak allowance